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Posted by on Jan 12, 2022 in Blog | 0 comments

NFL Television Ratings Skyrocket — Conservative “Boycott” Proves a Miserable Failure



Remember the red-white-and-blue “superpatriots” and their boycott of the NFL?  What a farce.

“I’ll never watch another NFL game!”

“The NFL is dead to me.”

“The NFL is too politically-correct!”

“I”m sick of everything being about racism!”

“Players are kneeling for the National Anthem — that’s it, I’m done!”

“Fuck the NFL!”

Map shows which states have the most calls to boycott the NFL after the league’s newfound support for kneeling players

Trump calls for NFL boycott

Those were the sentiments, from millions of so-called red-blooded football fans who were pissed-off a few years ago (actually as recent as 2020) about the NFL’s new direction.

Well, now — lookie here! The television ratings were just released for the 2021 regular season and this was THE HIGHEST RATINGS SINCE 2015!

Study: NFL makes up 75 of top 100 most-watched US broadcasts in 2021

The NFL’s Ratings Dominance Is Even More Powerful Than You Think

In the world of TV ratings, the NFL remains in a league of its own


Depending on the metrics somewhere between 75 to 91 of the 100 top-rated television shows were NFL telecasts. That’s staggering! Gee, just imagine what the numbers would have been if all the superpatriots weren’t BOYCOTTING the league?

Yeah.  Boycott, my ass.

These arch-conservatives are, were, and always have been full of shit. All talk. All bullshit.

Hey, superpatriots. The NFL is doing perfectly fine without you. Stay away. Please continue your faux boycotts.


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