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Posted by on Feb 17, 2021 in Blog, Politics, Rants and Raves | 1 comment

My Statement on the News of Today’s Passing




I won’t use any names because that should be obvious.  Be sure and read on, ’til the very end.



I won’t use the name because that should be obvious.

I don’t care what people think or if they get angry about I’m going to say. Criticize me if you want.  I’m going to speak my mind and tell it like it is.

All fatalities are NOT created equal.  Nor do the deceased in all cases deserve our universal mourning and unabridged respect.


Here’s the truth:  The end of something BAD is GOOD.  Always.  When evil dies, I’m happy about it.  Why pretend?  Death can and should be cause for celebration.

Wednesday’s announcement wasn’t a surprise to anyone who follows the news and current events.  For quite some time now, we all knew this day was coming.

I learned about the ending on social media, which is already filled with many photos and remembrances.  No doubt, millions of lives were touched in one way or another.

While in its prime, this geyser of gaudiness and tumbler of tackiness raked in millions.  Supporters kept the circus going for far longer than anyone thought possible.

But, the fact remains, America purged a derivation of incalculable pain and suffering inflicted upon millions of victims.  This veritable fountain of dishonesty is GONE.  This source of scandals is quiet.  The lights are off and the ceaseless blabber of decades of grotesque stupidity has now gone silent.

So, let me make myself clear and go on record:

I’m thrilled the Trump Plaza was finally demolished.


Ha ha.  Get it, Rush?

Rush, hello?  You there?



“He was a pill-popping, purposely-divisive, climate-change-denying, coronavirus-disinformation-spreading, egomaniacal bigot whose twisted brand of conservatism became the boilerplate for right-wingers at every level. And it wasn’t an act, it was a full reflection of who he was.”

Paul Harris (broadcaster)

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  1. I needed a good lol this morning! Thanks Nolan 🙂


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