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Posted by on Jun 2, 2023 in Blog | 0 comments

My Opinion on Banning Books in Public Schools and Libraries



Children should always be encouraged to read, and read whatever they’re curious about. Because smart and inquisitive children will always find out ways to satisfy their curiosity.

My opinion on banning books in schools and libraries is as follows:

ANY book that a child is reading is probably a good thing. After all, they’re READING! They want to LEARN.

If a kid is so motivated to pick up, check out, and then read a book with “controversial” subject matter, well, that’s an inquisitive child. That’s a child on the way to a lifetime of wonders. Genuine curiosity to read a book should not be suppressed, and certainly not banned. It should be encouraged.

If a third-grader is reading To Kill a Mockingbird, or Catcher on the Rye, or Ulysses (books that have been banned in some schools), that’s wonderful.  That’s a child who more than likely will enjoy advantages later on, and will continue thirsting for greater knowledge and understanding.

Reading is fundamental.


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