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Posted by on Mar 1, 2020 in Blog | 3 comments

My Advice for Joe Biden Supporters


joe biden advice



How We Might Win the Battle but Lose the War / How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Biden

Congratulations to Joe Biden after winning the South Carolina primary.

Just in time for Easter, he’s risen from the dead and is now back in the race. Biden may even deserve to be the favorite to win the Democratic nomination based on this sudden and shocking turnaround combined with his support among the party establishment.

That said, Biden will go only as far as how he, his staff, and supporters treat Bernie Sanders (and progressives). Read that again, but it’s critical to know.

***Biden will go only as far as how he, his staff, and supporters treat Bernie Sanders (and progressives).***

Want to WIN the party nomination then LOSE the general election, in other words, replay a repulsive redux of 2016?


Keep on slinging the shit and doing the Democratic establishment’s dirty deeds and see where we all end up on the morning of Nov. 4, 2020, screaming at our screens with tears and bloodshot eyes wondering how the fucking gawdawful hell Trump ended up winning the ’20 election 309 electoral votes. I know it’s difficult to go back, but try to learn something from history.

Me, condescending? Yeah, you betcha’.

I’m terrified of the political lightweights and losers who couldn’t beat the worst person to run for president in my lifetime now infecting the 2020 Biden campaign and serving another batch of stale leftovers with all the appeal of cold meatloaf. If I see another Hillary hand-me-down spewing political counsel, I’m going to scream in my best Jim Carey voice…..”scoreboard!”

Let’s face it: Biden is far from the ideal candidate we can choose among 65,000,000 Americans who absolutely loathe Donald Trump and would vote for a moldy bologna sandwich if it were the only option to the dumpster that is Trump. Seriously — BIDEN is the best we can do? But hey, if he’s our nominee I’ll work for him like our future depends on it, because it will depend on it.

More thoughts in numerical order, because I like typing in bullet points and using numbers because it makes me look smart:

[1] If we piss off the Bernie Sanders supporters, and specifically millions of young people, then we can kiss the 2020 election goodbye and the country might just dissolve into disco-era Paraguay. I don’t know why I need to explain this to the mainstream Democrats and independents who despise Trump. Fact: A Democrat WILL NOT win the general election without progressive support. This will not happen. It would be like a one-winged bird trying to fly. Think about that next time you’re all amped up and determined to blast a so-called “Bernie Bro” in a tweet or on Facebook.

[2] Taking issue on public policy during a campaign is one thing, but if Biden and other mainstream Democrats continue to malign and misrepresent “democratic socialism,” then they’ll not only lose the electoral college but probably lose the popular vote, as well. Millions of working-class Americans, especially those struggling in the rust belt, are sick of insurance companies, banks, and Wall Streeters calling the shots. “Mr. Delaware” will have some ‘splaining to do as that state’s corporate bag boy for decades. Keep on attacking, and progressives will stay home in Nov. I wish this were not the case. Indeed, I wish all progressives would recognize the dangers of a second Trump Administration. But many Sanders people will not vote for Biden if the path to the nomination gets dirty (and it has) And if Biden dispatches the typical party henchmen to do his dirty work as this increasingly turns into a two-candidate primary season (James Carville, Debbie Schultz-Wasserman, and so forth), prepare for an all-out political war. Progressives on the far-Left are sick of these retread establishment lapdogs, and frankly, I agree with them. We don’t need more failed ex-Clinton campaign staffers, corrupt party insiders, and barnacle research teams who failed us four years ago advising the next Democratic nominee.

[3] After this Tuesday, the Democratic race should come down to Sanders, Biden, and probably Bloomberg. I wish he’d drop out, but there’s something about billionaires (and wannabe faux-billionaires like Trump) that makes them think their shit doesn’t stink. Moderates must consolidate forces into one candidate after Super Tuesday, or chances are, we’ll end up with a brokered convention. And I sure as hell don’t trust Democrats in backrooms to act smart or do the right thing. If possible, this party needs to get a clear nominee on the first ballot, come summertime.

[4] I have lots more to say about the prospects of a brokered Democratic national convention. Stay tuned.

[5] Finally, it’s true that many Sanders’ backers are abusive trolls. I ascribe some of this to youthful enthusiasm and growing up in the modern era of vitriolic social media. Many twentysomethings have no knowledge of political civility, cooperation, and coalition-building — which are essential to electing a national candidate. Let me be clear: That’s on them. Some people need to grow up. At the same time, true liberals have been marginalized in the Democratic party for a very long time and there’s justification for mistrust and resentment. How this gets handled going forward may determine our fate.

Finally, the Russian troll factories and the Republican slime machine will do everything in their power to divide Democrats. They will lie, cheat, and steal the election if they can. The moron you are arguing with at midnight on social media might be a bot, or some boiler room zit doing the GOP’s dirty work. Trump’s army of nitwits won’t fact-check anything and will repost every juvenile meme. Don’t be like them.

I’ll have more thoughts after Super Tuesday.



  1. I wouldn’t get my hopes up about mainstream Democrats, because I don’t think there are such things. If there were, we would have heard from them by now. I waited for two years after Trump’s inauguration for the Dems to say, “Here’s what we did wrong, and here’s how we can fix it,” but never heard a peep from them and gave up all hope.

    Fwiw, I don’t think there is a Republican party left either.

  2. How soon will fb be awash with Bernie cheated posts. The only response should be BOT. These posts are phishing for Bernie insults. Don’t take the bait.

  3. Got ahead and move to a socialist nation and leave our freedom alone here. People like you need to find you a place to gather and move. You never have had anyone die for you so you could enjoy the freedoms they lost their lives for. It is a disgrace when people lose their dignity and can be bought off for a few dollars. You sure do not value you or your family to give up your country. If you cannot feel the pride Americans feel when we hear our “AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL” You need to move!!!!! PEOPLE WAKE UP. It is either FREEDOM OR SOCIALISM!! ARE YOU GOING TO STAND UP FOR YOUR FREEDOM???

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