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Posted by on Aug 28, 2021 in Blog, Politics | 0 comments

More Trump Trash





Oh, joy! Lucky me!

As a “proud patriot” (that’s what Trump calls me) I was trembling with fear and regret that I’d missed my “final chance” (actually about 20 “final chances”) to be part of Trump’s latest “advisory team.”

A few weeks ago, I missed yet another “final deadline” to join his VIP Club. Stick with me, here. That’s the VIP Club, which is not to be confused with the “Inner Circle,” which isn’t that same thing as the “Trump Advisory Council.” Yada fucking yada.

A dozen more “final chance” offers with different leech names and shakedown clubs and hate-filled hot-button phrases have flooded into my email ever since then, and now lookie here! My “LAST CHANCE TO CLAIM THE PERSONALIZED TRUMP AUGUST DONOR CARD!”

The “AUGUST DONOR CARD.” Something tells me there will soon be an opportunity to get his “SEPTEMBER DONOR CARD.”

Trunt: Once an asshat grifter, always an asshat grifter.


Addendum:  Here’s another email from yesterday.  “President Trump is asking about me!”

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