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Posted by on Oct 22, 2015 in Blog, Essays, Las Vegas, Restaurant Reviews | 1 comment

Look What This Las Vegas Barbecue Joint Turned Into….




Gee, I thought the barbecue tasted a little funny.

Las Vegas locals who live here on the West Side will undoubtedly remember the name “Memphis Championship Barbecue,” which opened up their family-style restaurant about 15 years ago at 1401 South Rainbow Blvd.  Not to be confused with their Henderson sister location which remains open, for reasons unknown, this rib joint just never made a splash.

I always liked the Memphis-style barbecue.  It was authentic, affordable, and consistently tasty.  But, come to think of it — the slab of baby backs did taste a little weird, sometimes.  This location closed down a few years ago.

Today, as I was driving past my old rib joint, I nearly floored the fucking breaks and squealed the wheels when I saw what’s become of my old hangout.

Now get this….Memphis Championship Barbecue has become….a funeral home!  With crematoriums on site!  Holy shit!  Where did those baking ovens come from?  One has to wonder.  That does give the notion of ordering a full rack of smoky ribs with the dry rub an entirely new perspective, doesn’t it?

I’ve had perhaps 40 to 50 meals at the old rib joint, which is now closed down.  At this point, I’m not interested in any customer loyalty programs.  I hope not to become a steady customer of the new ownership anytime soon.



1 Comment

  1. They couldn’t get enough business to survive before, but now people are dying to get in there!

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