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Posted by on May 10, 2023 in Blog, Essays, Las Vegas | 1 comment

Living in The Lakes (Las Vegas)



I’m a big believer in doing small things. Let’s admit — it’s tough to take on big tasks. But, if we do enough small things and there are enough of us, well then that’s a big thing.

Two years ago, I ran for the HOA board for The Lakes area. I ran more out of curiosity and then was shocked to actually win the seat among seven candidates. My desire to join the board was motivated simply to learn more about the community where I’ve now lived for 20 years and do what little I could to make some improvements.

There are 1,600+ homes in the association. I keep a low profile when it comes to my official duties as a board member. But today I’m going to brag a little. Hopefully, this inspires more people to do little things that are good.

One of the things that I hoped to do was do some beautification projects for the neighborhood. For example, Las Vegas is burdened with lots of tacky electrical boxes and they’re a bit of an eyesore. So, one of the little projects happening has been painting them, particularly with a motif that corresponds to the theme of the area.

I did little other than propose the idea at a meeting, but then a few of the other board members and the association ran with it and fortunately our local city council person Victoria Seaman was supportive and has been very active in some of these local initiatives. So, thanks to them and Ms. Seaman, good things are happening.

Today, here in The Lakes, I was driving and saw Miguel Hernandez, who is painting another electrical box. He’s in the photo (above) and is about to put the finishing touches on his artwork.  Nice work, Miguel!

Yeah, it’s something small. But thanks to a lot of good people working together, things are happening. Hopefully, when you see Miguel’s work here in The Lakes, it will bring a smile.


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