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Posted by on Apr 18, 2014 in Blog, Las Vegas, Talking Points | 4 comments

My Latest “Talking Points” Video — Unusual Las Vegas News Stories


Hillary Clinton Addresses Recycling Industries Trade Conference In Las Vegas

Hillary Clinton dodges a shoe thrown by a deranged protester at Mandalay Bay


Las Vegas is a city unlike any other.

That’s because there’s more than a few unusual people here who sometimes do some crazy things.

Take this week’s local news stories.  All of the following stories were reported in the Las Vegas Review-Journal:


— A deadbeat rancher backed a heavily-armed militia makes the federal government back down following a standoff

— A deranged woman slips past security and throws a shoe at Hillary Clinton, while at a speaking engagement

— Comedian George Wallace performs at a local casino and then wins a huge lawsuit after tripping over one of the electrical wires while onstage

— A drug-addicted dancer gets into a brawl backstage at the “Thunder Down Under” male revue

— A 25-year-o9ld woman agrees to give a 66-year-man a “massage” at 3 am, but things go wrong


This week’s edition of “Talking Points with Nolan Dalla” includes a short recap of what’s in the news here in Las Vegas.  This video runs about 15 minutes.




  1. Well done Nolan.

    In the interest of constructive criticism, any insights into what others in the gambling community think of these events. I can read the paper and come to much the same conclusions as you, I can’t talk to the people that you can.

    Once again. Well done. You are vectoring towards goodness.

    • Nolan Replies: Thanks Dave. I really do not know what anyone else thinks. I’ve never discussed with anyone. I figure if I made it this far without my car blowing up, I should be in the clear.

      — Nolan

  2. The reason for the sheriff protest is that the militant wingnuts believe that the sheriff’s authority trumps any federal agency’s. They believe that the blm,atf, fbi, etc, will leave if the sheriff says go away.

  3. Very interesting and good videos! I’m looking forward to the next videos!

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