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Posted by on Aug 22, 2013 in Blog, Music and Concert Reviews | 3 comments

Jimmy Fallon’s Best Classic Rock Impressions



I confess that I’ve never once watched Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Who knew what I was missing all these years?

Check out several of Fallon’s very best impersonations of classic rock icons.  My favorite is the Jim Morrison impression, which Fallon absolutely nails.

What’s really brilliant about this rendition is the faux song sounds exactly like something The Doors could have released in their prime (hell, it’s actually better than most of the stuff they put out).  Yet, it was created by Fallon and his talented team of writers and then performed live on his show in one take.  That’s right — one take.  That’s extraordinary.

In fact, all of Fallon’s impersonations are original songs.  That’s what sets these impersonations apart — that not only does Fallon capture the voice and character, he also co-wrote original songs and lyrics.  Simply amazing.

Many of you may have seen these already.  But I assume that many of you have not.  Click on the following videos, crank up the volume, and enjoy.


As Jim Morrison (The Doors):


As Neil Young (Doing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air):


As Bob Dylan (mid-1960s):


As Bruce Springsteen (Rehearsal Footage):


As David Bowie (singing “Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ”):


As Van Morrison:


Famous Comedians (10-Second Bits):


One More:  As Jim Morrison (Not in Costume):



  1. “In fact, all of Fallon’s impersonations are original songs.” Of course, the Neil Young and Bob Dylan impressions are Fallon singing new arrangements of TV theme songs, and his David Bowie and Van Morrision impressions are new (and in one case, intentionally unintelligible) lyrics to old tunes the original artists performed. Really only The Doors song is truly original (as far as I know.)

    It is impressive, though. I’m especially impressed with the authentic details of the band. The drum part is very much the way John Densmore would have played it, and the (Ray Manzarek knock-off) keyboard player doing the bass line on the mini-Moog is 100% accurate to the way they performed for much of their career. In fact, the keyboard he’s playing might even be an authentic Gibson G101. It’s hard to tell from the back, but it does at least look similar to one.

  2. Fallon is brilliant, so nice to see them all posted together. Looking forward to next February when he will replace Leno. I might actually want to watch the Tonight Show again. Thanks Nolan!

  3. I love this stuff too. You *have* been missing out! But the one you have listed as “As Bruce Springsteen”, Fallon is Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen is played by… Bruce Springsteen.

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