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Posted by on Sep 29, 2015 in Blog, Essays, Politics, What's Left | 3 comments

Imagine a World Where….




Imagine a world where….


Everyone is religious.  All your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and associates are devout Christians.  Almost everyone who lives in your town or city attends church regularly.  The local church is the centerpiece of all social life and activities.

Christianity rules.  Christianity isn’t a secular concept, but rather is looked to as the supreme authority.  Religion dictates all national laws and local regulations.  Christian teachings outlaw homosexuality and deny gender equality.  Religious teachings forbid reproductive rights, including contraception and abortion which are outlawed.  Marriages are sometimes arranged and divorce is next to impossible, especially if instigated by a woman.

Science is doubted and discredited.  Science and discovery are looked upon with suspicion.  When new discoveries are made, they are ridiculed.  Advances in astronomy, biology, and medicine are considered blasphemous because they pose a serious threat to the natural order and traditional way of thinking.

Artistic freedom does not exist.  Art is censored.  Sometimes even gets destroyed if it doesn’t conform to biblical teachings.  Most artistic talents are put to use to glorify god and the rulers of the state.

There are no government oversights.  Government regulations over farms and factories do not exist.  There’s no such thing as a minimum wage.  Merchants and companies can do pretty as they wish, without any government oversight.

Workers have no basic rights.  Unions and workers’ rights are non-existent.  Companies can demand that employees work on weekends and overtime, without any additional compensation.

Oligarchy rules.  A elite class of super wealthy people, almost all born into privilege, make all the laws and rules.  Anyone who poses a challenge to the political and social order is vilified as a radical who’s ideas are dangerous.

Animals and the environment are to be used and consumed indiscriminately.  No environmental protection laws exist whatsoever.  Any person or business can dump whatever he or she wishes into the nearest lake or river, no matter how toxic the waste material.  Animals have no rights and are slaughtered indiscriminately.

Government-funded infrastructure does not exist.  No government-funded transportation systems or communication networks exist, pretty much keeping mainstream citizenry in the dark about what’s happening in the rest of the world.  This makes it far easier to control populations and even incite them to fight in wars.

War is a constant way of life.  Christian armies engage in expansive military crusades all over the world, and particularly in the volatile Middle East, with the intent to convert non-believers and transform the economic systems of conquered colonies and occupied territory.

There is no political dissent nor social unrest, which is not tolerated.  Protest and rebellion is almost non-existent and is met with harshly, usually by capital punishment.  Minority groups in particular experience the worst wrath of law enforcement and inprisonment.


The agenda above lies at the very heart of the grand vision of America dreamed by many conservatives, particularly powerful groups like the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family.  These are most certainly the core beliefs and values of at least three Republicans currently running for president (and arguably the entire field except for Rand Paul) — particularly Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz.  Polls clearly suggest that most Republicans would be in favor of a nation where religious practices and laissez faire capitalism ruled the land, and there is little or no government.

Accordingly, one must wonder what such a world would actually be like if they were to succeed and get their way.

Actually, there was quite a long period of time when the western world was precisely such a place.

It lasted for 800 years and was called THE DARK AGES.









  1. This is your scariest column ever! Even worse, I think we’re halfway there.

  2. Sounds exactly like the World of Hillary Clinton. And because there is a D next to her name she will be ten times more effective at implementing the oligarchs agenda.

    Anyone who still falls for the two party scam is an ignorant idiot.

  3. Find it hard to believe this is what the majority of anyone calling themselves anything (conservatives, liberals, centrists, Americans) would want this. Extremists on all fronts in all aspects of life are the most passionate and scream the loudest. Doesn’t mean they represent the desires of the masses.

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