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Posted by on Feb 5, 2016 in Blog, Essays, Las Vegas, Personal, Politics, What's Left | 617 comments

I Just Got “Push Polled” by Hillary Clinton’s Nevada Campaign




I’m about to tell you a disturbing story which helps explain why Hillary Clinton could end up as the 2016 Democratic Party nominee over Bernie Sanders.

Mudslinging works.  That’s because some mud usually sticks, no matter how filthy or detestable it is.  We all say we hate “going negative.”  Then, we eat it up.  No one gets out of a spirited political race with a bleached white suit.

From Nixon to LBJ, from to Daley to JFK, from Bush swiftboating Kerry to Bush bullying McCain in South Carolina — history has taught us one simple and indisputable fact.  Election victories often come down to doing whatever it takes to win.

The Hillary Clinton campaign now appears willing to resort to just about anything — including using underhanded campaign tactics in order to reverse the national tide turning against her in the four early primary states (and state caucuses).  It’s readily apparent that her campaign has begun deploying one of the sneakiest tricks of political survey methodology.  It’s called “push polling.”  If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, I’ll get to that a bit later.  Meanwhile, by all accounts Bernie Sanders continues to run what’s generally been a positive campaign without attacking his opponent.  I’ll eventually explain why Clinton’s troublesome practice of establishment politics as usual could be the difference in gaining the nomination, unless more people rise up and express outrage against these disputable practices.

Here’s what prompted tonight’s essay, written in the heat of the moment and while taking notes of what transpired, which should raise serious questions.  Namely, has the Hillary Clinton campaign gone over to the dark side?  For those who suspect that I’m a Clinton-hater, nothing could be further from the truth.  I’ve written glowingly about Sec. Clinton many times and even gone so far as to call her “the most accomplished woman in American history.”  Even with these recent revelations, I’m about to disclose, I continue to stand by those words of high praise.  So, this is hardly another exercise in the national sport of “Hillary bashing.”  The rest, you can judge for yourselves….


At about 6 pm tonight, my home telephone rang.  I was expecting an important call from a service repairman.  So I picked up the call without looking at my caller ID.  Turned out, it was a political pollster.

INTERVIEWER:  “Hello.  May I please speak with Nolan Dalla?”

ME:  “Yes, that’s me.”

INTERVIEWER:  “We’re polling residents here in Nevada tonight to see how they feel about important issues facing the citizens of Nevada.  Mr. Dalla, do you have a few minutes to share your opinions with us?”

ME:  “Sure, why not?  Go ahead.”

After being asked a series of basic questions about my race, gender, income, education, and so forth — that’s when the political stuff began.  At this point, I wasn’t sure if I was speaking with a national polling firm, a media outlet, one of the two political parties, or someone working directly on a campaign.  It could have been any of the above.  I hadn’t paid attention much at the start of the call.  I’m not even sure the caller said her name or identified who she was working for.  However, once the questions turned political, the real reason for my Friday evening phone call became obvious.

I was asked several questions about the two Democratic candidates.  Oddly enough, not a single question was asked about Republicans.  So, this call was probably coming from a polling and research firm that was hired by one of the campaigns.  With only two Democrats still in the race, that meant I was likely receiving a phone call disguised as a “poll” by people who were actually working for either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.  Given the establishment politics practiced by the Clinton campaign, I immediately suspected that my “pollster” was probably a paid staffer or a someone with a so-called “research” firm working to change the minds of voters in support of Clinton.  In fact, as a possible Sanders’ supporter, I was probably their intended target.  They hoped to reach voters who were leaning to Sanders, then ask some pointed questions framed to raise doubt about the candidate, which might sway votes in the caucus — which is about two weeks away.

However, sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted.  The staffer manning the telephone conducting the interview had no clue who she was talking to.

To make certain I was worthy of their time, the first series of questions dealt with my likelihood of participating in Nevada’s state caucus, coming up on Feb. 20th.  My response was that I was 100 percent certain I’d attend my local caucus.  Had I stated there was no chance I’d attend, the phone call probably would have abruptly ended much sooner.  It also worth noting that the interviewer was clearly reading straight from a script.  Trouble was, she had terrible difficulty saying one particular word, which was kind of critical to our discussion.  That key word was “CAUCUS.”  She kept on saying “Cou-cous.”  Just imagine a badly garbled mispronunciation of “couscous” at some restaurant called “Ali Baba.”  I almost laughed a few times, but was able to contain myself.  I might need “ammunition” later on.

I was asked favorable and unfavorable ratings on a 1 to 5 scale for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on a variety of different topics — things like the candidate’s experience, ability to deal with the economy, foreign policy knowledge, civil rights, immigration, etc.  At first, the questions were pretty benign.  Whoever devised the script did a pretty good job making things appear, at least initially, this was an unbiased telephone call with legitimate intentions to measure “public opinion.”

I gave Sanders high marks in most categories.  I gave Clinton high marks in experience (I gave her a “5” and Sanders only a “4”) but much lower scores on standing up for the working class, taking on the big banks, fighting wars in the Middle East, and so forth.  That’s where Clinton’s record is, at best, spotty.  At worse, it should disqualify her among progressive voters.

Things were about to heat up.  Big time.

INTERVIEWER:  “What best describes your political affiliation — Democrat, Republican, or Independent?”

ME:  “None of those describe my politics.  I’m a socialist.”

INTERVIEWER:  “But you have to pick one.  Should I mark down that you are an independent?”

ME:  “No, because I’m NOT an independent.  I am completely opposed to the two-party system.  I want multiple political parties.  And, I’m a socialist.”

INTERVIEWER:  “Hmmm, okay.  So, what if I were to tell you The Washington Post said that Bernie Sanders’ campaign promises would cost more than $20 trillion and would raise everyone’s taxes — would you now be “more likely’ or ‘less likely” to vote for Sanders, or has your opinion remained unchanged?”

ME:  “That’s not accurate at all.  I read that editorial last week.  I could tear that completely to shreds.  How much time DO YOU HAVE?  Let me to set the record straight and explain to you how The Post post misrepresented several of Sanders policy positions.”

INTERVIEWER:  “Ummmmm.  Uhhhhhhh.   So, would you now be “more likely’ or ‘less likely” to vote for Sanders, or has your opinion remained unchanged?”

ME:  “My position remains unchanged because the premise of the question isn’t just misleading.  It’s wrong.  Do you understand that?”

INTERVIEWER:  “Uhhh, what if I were to tell you The New York Times expressed serious reservations about Bernie Sanders being able to work with Congress and described him as ‘divisive’ — would you now be “more likely’ or ‘less likely” to vote for Sanders, or has your opinion remained unchanged?”

ME:  “You mean Sanders would be more divisive than Hillary Clinton?  Huh?  Seriously?  Has the esteemed New York Times been paying attention to politics in this country for the past 25 years since the Clintons emerged as national political figures?  Besides, I’ve been quoted in the New York Times six times, at least that I know of — and twice they misspelled my name.  Now, you think I give them my credibility?”

So, this minor bickering goes on back and forth for about five more questions.  I sense this is the interviewer’s call from hell.  She’s going to be busting my balls in the break room in about 45 minutes, complaining about the asshole she got stuck with who knew every fiber of the shit sandwich she’s trying to peddle like a tasty Reuben.  The last bastion of hope I had this call might still be fair-handed and would address some of Clinton’s hangar of political baggage as big as the United Airlines counter at O’Hare Airport evaporated when her “questions” turned to how I planned to caucus in two weeks after hearing these biased narratives about the two candidates.

INTERVIEWER:  “How likely are you still to COUSCOUS for Bernie Sanders if you knew that he blocked gun control legislation five times as a U.S. Senator?”  

ME:  “First, let’s get one thing straight.  It’s CAUCUS.  Not COUSCOUS.  Got that?”


ME:  “Hello?”

INTERVIEWER:  “So Sir, how likely are you still to (another mispronunciation of caucus) for Sanders if you knew that he blocked gun control legislation five times?”  

ME:  “Have you read why he blocked that legislation multiple times?  Do you know anything about the United States Senate?  I do.  I used to work there, you know.  Want to hear more about how bills get passed?”

INTERVIEWER:  “So, are you still likely to vote for Bernie Sanders?”

ME:  “Um, take a wild guess — yes.”

INTERVIEWER:  (getting flustered and now trapped on a call she can’t wait to end) “How likely are you to still caucus (she gets it right — finally) for Bernie Sanders if you knew he blocked immigration reform six times as a U.S. Senator?”

ME:  “What are you talking about?”

INTERVIEWER:  “It says here he voted six times against immigration reform.  That’s all I’m supposed to say.”

ME:  “You are a disgrace to politics and to progressives.  Do you see what you are doing?  You are trying to frighten Latino voters and completely misrepresenting the Sanders’s voting record.  Do you realize that?  Do you know what you are doing?  Nevada has lots of Hispanics and you are push polling a question designed to scare Latinos about Sanders.  Isn’t that right?  Admit it.”


ME:  “I could destroy any one of your arguments in just a couple of seconds….You aren’t a pollster.  You are a fraud.  You are a pretender, and I’m going to expose you.  What’s your name?  Tell me your name and who you work for?”

[Side Note:  By the way, I almost began cursing — but decided against going that route.  I wanted to keep her on the line for as long as possible, in order to learn more about what was going on.]

INTERVIEWER:  “I’m just asking questions, Sir.”

ME:  “No you are not.  You are asking negativly slanted questions about Bernie Sanders.  Go back and look at your questions again.  So, who do you work for?  I want names.”

INTERVIEWER:  “Maybe I should have my supervisor call you back.  Would that be okay, Sir?  Let me take down your phone number and have my supervisor call you.  That’s what we are supposed to do when we get asked questions which deviate from the question and answer part.”

ME:  Yes, by all means — have your supervisor call me.  I’ll be waiting.  I’d love to talk to your supervisor.”

Three hours later, my phone has still not rung.  But, I did manage to write up this scathing expose one WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW IN NEVADA.

Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign is resorting to one of the lowest, most reviled tactics of campaigning, the sludge known as the “push poll.”  It’s clearly happening in Nevada, and probably other states, too.

What makes this so reprehensible is that many voters will not be able to discern truth from fiction.  They will conclude the “poll” feeling they were important enough to receive a phone call mistakenly believing they were asked fair questions and then were left with lingering doubts about the viability of Bernie Sanders as a presidential candidate.

Unfortunately, this garbage has a proven track record.  “Push polling” went into the gutter in the worst kind of way 15 years ago, in South Carolina.  John McCain, then known as a “maverick Republican,” posed a serious threat to George W. Bush, clearly the establishment candidate.  In what became a political gauntlet for conservative Republicans and the Bush Campaign, the vile henchmen led by Karl Rove (and supposedly “independent” Super PACs) began conducting “push polling” among registered South Carolina Republicans.  Hundreds of thousands of phone calls were made asking “poll questions” about McCain which amounted to a well-disguised political assassination.  McCain never recovered and Bush easily won the nomination (in 2000).

From Wikipedia:  “A semi-underground smear campaign (began) against McCain, delivered by push polls, faxes, e-mails, flyers, audience plants, and the like.  These claimed most famously that he had fathered a black child out of wedlock (the McCains’ dark-skinned daughter Bridget was adopted from Bangladesh; this misrepresentation was thought to be an especially effective slur in a Deep South state where race was still central, but also that his wife Cindy was a drug addict, that he was a homosexual, and that he was a “Manchurian Candidate” traitor or mentally unstable from his North Vietnam POW days.”


As I stated, “push polling” works.  Gullible voters get confused and start doubting their allegiances to a candidate.  Even if a small percentage switch their votes, a couple of hundreds voters can mean a big difference in a tight political race.  The Clinton-Sanders race isn’t just tight.  It’s a dead heat, at least here in Nevada.

When the phone rang earlier tonight in my home and someone secretly working for the Clinton Campaign thought they were talking to someone gullible to manipulation who might ultimately change his vote.  They have, in fact, done the opposite.  They lit a fuse.  Let this be a WARNING and a cautionary tale that these are PRECISELY the tactics Bernie Sanders is working against, and fighting against within his own so-called “party.”  It’s the kind of tactics Sanders is working to end.  We need to support him.  We can no longer have “politics as usual.”

In the end, push polling and negative campaigning might actually end up making the difference in the Democratic race.  The cynic in me remains pessimistic as to how many people out there who receive despicable phone calls like this will be equipped with the knowledge and experience to see through the bullshit.  I’m hopeful that writing this essay might open a few eyes.

It’s now 1o pm.  More than four hours have passed since the supervisor was supposed to get back to me.  Still, the phone hasn’t rung.

Nevada voters, next time your phone rings and it’s a poll, beware.  It’s probably not a poll.  It’s something else.  It’s old-style establishment politics of the worst kind, that were once used by one of the worst political machines.

It appears that the Hillary Clinton Campaign knows no moral nor ethical boundaries.


UPDATE:  I have since asked for a public statement from the Hillary Clinton campaign either confirming or denying a connection to these tactics, which is posted HERE.

UPDATE:  ABC News posted an article with an audio recording of a similar call, so it’s happening elsewhere.  CLICK HERE TO READ.LISTEN.


Postscript:  “Push polling” appears to be a common practice by the Clinton Campaign, as evidenced by this 2008 story in The Los Angeles Times.  LINK HERE

Writer’s Note and Full Disclosure:  I am working actively for the Bernie Sanders’ Presidential campaign as a volunteer.  I have also contributed money to Bernie Sanders’ Presidential campaign.  His campaign, at least here in Nevada, to the best of my knowledge — is NOT resorting to “push polling.”


  1. I don’t feel “sorry” for the caller like many people have expressed above. This woman took a job without being completely educated about what she was doing. Min wage or not… the information she received during this call was invaluable. She: A. Learned how to correctly pronounce a word she probably had no idea of what the definition was, B. Learned a heap of information about the candidate she was inadvertently working against, and C. May now be inspired enough to learn more about the candidates, politics and vote. Life is full of harsh lessons, this was not one of them.

  2. Thank you so much for raising awareness of this issue. I have received push polls before and not understanding what they were, was then uncomfortable with the candidate until some researching proved the concepts raised and their sources to be highly unreliable. Surface content can be quite deceptive as well.
    It is difficult to express this idea without a lengthy explanation and the examples you demonstrate here. I can respect the anger you expressed as I felt it too when reading the biased “poll questions”.

  3. Oh Please. I got called by the Sanders Campaign here in Denver. We started talking out nicely and agreeing on many things, but before the end of the conversation, when I declined to vote Sanders, I was told that I was voting with my vagina, and I should just go off and die because the revolution is coming. I suspect over zealous people on each side are being asses.

    • That is where you get their information and record the number off of your cell phone/caller ID and report it to Bernie’s Campaign. He made a press release recently telling his supports not to negatively attack HRC supporters. And, if the call sounded like it was made from a call center, I would have a hard time believing that other Berners in the center would allow them to speak that way to you. That being said, I wouldn’t put it pass HRC’s campaign to pose as Berners to do such things. It is known that they have created fake websites and press releases saying that prominent people (who have come out as endorsing Bernie)are endorsing Hillary. That plus criticizing Bernie for supporting questionable laws that Hillary and/or Bill introduced and passed into law.

  4. The Clinton’s will do anything to win. Anything. They are more establishment than anyone. I started out as a Clinton supporter and now dispise her. And Sanders is so much more genuine she shouldn’t even be allowed on the same stage!

  5. I normally vote Republican. With that said, I have voted democrat also. HILLARY CLINTON IS A CROOK. And I have no ax to grind here. Enough is enough. Hillary is a crook and if you can’t see this is a crook trying to pretend she’s doing this for the people or better yet women ! She is a narcissistic crook. I don’t mean to be rude because I’ve very open minded
    And love others views. Hillary Clinton is and always will be a very dishonest person. Most men would be out of the race if they had to defend get dishonesty . Think about it


    • Hi! I’m a long-time Democrat, but I have voted for Republicans, Green Party, etc. when I thought they were the best candidate. Neither major party has shortages of saints or sinners (although I think today’s GOP are long on sinners). I agree with your evaluation of HRC. If you listen to her, she was on the front lines and the LEADER of every cause of the Democratic Party.She has elevated herself to the stature of Obama, using the term “we” and “I” as though she has equal standing with him.
      The truth is she has her finger in the wind on every issue. She is late to the party on many issues that she proclaims herself a leader, including Gay Rights, Marriage Equality, Keystone, TPP and even Minimum Wage.
      She played coy, pretending she was considering a run for the presidency. While she was playing the public, she and Bill made a blatant grab for high paid speeches. They can now claim them as “income” instead of contributions. They actually thought that, like everything else, voters would believe it was innocent of intent. I will never vote for one of the Gop candidates currently on display. I may hold my nose and vote for Hillary, if I have to. But I also may skip November for the first time in my adult life. I am solidly behind Bernie Sanders and hope it goes to the convention.

  6. Anyone attempting to shift blame onto the writer of the main article & recipient of the call (Mr. Dalla) is a flame-baiting troll for the Clinton Campaign and merely trying to divert the focus of the main argument / thesis of the main article which is PUSH POLLING: not sexism; not bullying; not attempts to assassinate Mr. Dalla’s character.

    This article is a witnessed account of PUSH POLLING and DIRTY POLITICS by the Clinton Campaign, and in the coming days I hope it will be as obvious to other Sanders’ Campaign supporters reading this article as it was to me that push polling and PUSH POLLING alone is what we should be focusing on here.

    Getting caught up replying to every petty flame-bait post simply puts more and more text on the screen about topics and issues that have NOTHING to do with the PUSH POLLING issue. I strongly urge everyone who reads this to stop and think about what they are about to post before doing so because it is obvious who is a Clinton troller vs. Sanders supporter.

    If anything, those of us who are supporters of the Sanders Campaign should be thinking ahead to whenever the primaries will be held in our respective States and talking strategy for how to rebuke these underhanded tactics and refute any of the false claims purported during questioning by Clinton Campaign “pollsters”.

    Shame on Clinton supporters for endorsing dirty politics (PUSH POLLING) and yielding to the “Divide and Conquer” mentality which is at the heart of our corrupt and severely flawed Two Party system. Clintonites seem to be willing to put up with just about anything that might support their candidate no matter how unscrupulous and underhanded it may be because for them the ends justify the means, but we know better.

    Push Polling is negative and off-putting to anyone with a shred of self respect or appreciation for upholding decency in our political process. These are the sleazy tactics we have come to expect of Republicans.

    I’m just glad that the candidate I support, Bernie Sanders, is there as he always has been to try and change things from the inside to benefit his constituents and the majority (i.e. the American People) as opposed to Clinton’s duplicitous and divisive dealings to uphold the status quo for the minority (i.e. the corporate elite and their puppets): she is fake, a phony, a bully, and 50 shades of Trump – how can people not see this?

  7. In regard to the treatment of the perhaps employee; one cannot be sure of anything. She may be calling from the largest telemarketing economy India?
    Could/Should the author have requested a supervisor earlier? Who cares!?

    The point is clear to me. This type of politics is bad for everyone! To allow anyone to present an editorial version of fact to influence opinion is WRONG! Let’s see beyond just this one example where admittedly its origins are suspect. This behavior is already in play in the so-called news service, and is the backbone of the modern day advertiser. The idea that this beloved tool of capitalism not be allowed in the government is the choice we currently face.

    If you think that push poling, and other deceitful practice both covert and overt are just the way it is, then by my count you have 8 choices.
    However if you believe as I do, then you already know the 1 choice we have to make to even have a slim chance of fundamental change in what can be allowed as acceptable in government and the political process.

    • Compassion for the person who needs to take a job telemarketing is a good thing, but there is an important result of Mr. Dalla’s pushing on the script. He got her to talk about what her instructions were.

    • CommentI know what that choice is and it’s Bernie Sanders all the way. Will work for him whenthe Pa. Primary is held in May>

  8. I can tell what company was conducting the survey, by the way the questions that were asked. I’m certain it was Gallup. I used to work for them and this is typical of their political surveys. They were most likely singling out Bernie supporters and it’s obvious at the end that Clinton was the client. This is nothing new. This type of polling has been going on for decades. It’s disgusting, but I have to say your treatment of the girl on the phone is disgusting as well. A lot of these interviewers are high school kids and have no idea who the client is or have any real interest in the subject. A lot of them are working to try to go to college. They are reading a script. You should have politely asked for a supervisor and made your complaint with them.

    • Agreed. Beating up on the caller is rather harsh. It’s the employer that accepted the contract that might deserve some blowback.

  9. Other than a few things a proofreader should have caught, I am in complete agreement.

    “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” H. L. Mencken

  10. I had to share this on some other forums. This isn’t the early days of the internet/pre-internet era where it can pay to be this kind of slimy. The fallout from this will be right behind whatever was gained. With enough buzz this story could end up being featured by the biggest news outlets. It deserves to be known. If you post anywhere, Salon, Slate, the comments sections of online newspapers, please pass it along.

  11. You sound like an insufferable, self-entitled douche. Hey, low wage-earning peon, I’m going to yell at you with my very strong opinions.


  12. I would like to express my profound gratitude for bringing this topic up. I was not aware this sort of thing occurred and through this wonderful (angry) diatribe, has made me reassess the polling queries that occur when I answer ‘yes’ to answer questions. It’s not what they say, it’s actually about what they mean. Neat.

    Let the spelling Nazis and pseudo intellects take their nibbles on you, the raw content of this article is gold.

    Thank you

  13. Wow. You sure showed her. I bet you yell at telemarketers, too.

  14. I support Bernie too. It is about time we followed the path he set forward years ago and have television in the hands of those who know how to use it instead of people like faux news. Every civilized nation has TV in the hands of the state instead of crapitalists.

    Lenin, Mao, Castro, and Chavez had it right: The old wood needs to be burned and the industries brought under control of the state in order to be run properly for the benefit of the people instead of having all of the money go to the 1%. Bernie should do the same!

    Feel the Bern!!!!

  15. I would like to share this to my Facebook with your permission.

  16. You wrote this entire article without confirmation that the campaign was even behind the calls? Please don’t call yourself a journalist.

  17. Fellow Democrats: We are GENUINE progressives pledged to either write in Bernie Sanders or vote Green in the general election, unless he’s the Party nominee. We refuse to support another Wall Street-backed Democrat. The un-electable Secretary Clinton is almost the same as voting Republican: hawkish, pro-corporate and not worthy of trust. Remember Ralph Nader? We can’t risk having a declared Republican appoint the next Supreme Court judges, so let’s #UniteBehindBernie, an honest candidate with integrity.

  18. Push-polling is gross but it’s always been a GOP tactic against less conservative GOP candidates (like McCain) and Democrats in general.

    I highly doubt this poll had ANYTHING to do with Clinton’s campaign, if you’d continued with the poll they probably would have asked questions about Clinton! These companies are known to ask about several issues or people at a time i.e. Obama, Israel and Jimmy Carter.

    To blindly declare that Clinton’s campaign is push-polling to get Sanders supporters all riled up is as immoral and manipulative as the poll itself.

  19. That Clinton is running this game in Nevada is definitely news. However, I think you are giving too much credit to your caller — they are merely reading a script, and I doubt that most of them are being paid more than a minimum wage, if anything. They are certainly not prepared for a real debate.

  20. Excellent article! Thank you for writing this Mr. Dalla. Feel The Bern! We the people have had enough of the establishment and the corporations sucking our blood and treasure. It is unsustainable and it is time for a raw blood sacrifice. The establishment now knows this and in order to avoid an imminent federal bankruptcy, military/police coup and civil war, we the unwashed masses will be fed a sacrificial goat on a stick very soon. It will be a massive atonement for the past 50+ years of the world’s greatest grand theft auto of the biggest economy of the entire world. Most of which was engineered, of course, by Hillary and Bill Clinton.

    So it’s just a matter of some paperwork and time before her campaign is cancelled and Hillary Clinton goes to prison. The below is from Mr. Edward Klein’s recent book “Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary”:

    “What I want for you to do is call off your f–king dogs, Barack!” Clinton allegedly barked at Obama, according to Klein’s account, which cited sources close to Clinton and Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett.

    The president was so stunned by Clinton’s disrespectful demands, he needed a moment to compose himself, the book claims.

    Obama then responded, “There is nothing I can do for you one way or another. Things have been set in motion, and I can’t and won’t interfere. Your problems are, frankly, of your own making. If you had been honest . . .”

  21. This is such a dumb story. Congratulations on trying to show a telemarketer that you are more knowledgable than she is about stupid shit. Typical dumb socialist. They think they know how the world works but have no clue they are the awkward idiot staring at his own shoes when he speaks about idealistic fairy tales. They have never grown up. They think 10+10 always equals 20, but haven’t a clue that 10 liters of ammonia + 10 liters of ethanol does not make 20 liters. Socialists are idiots, straight up.

  22. “It appears that the Hillary Clinton Campaign knows no moral nor ethical boundaries.”

    That one made me laugh out loud. Why would it; she doesn’t.

  23. I, too have experienced the kind of poll that tries to manipulate the results by asking loaded questions that can only be answered in favor of a particular candidate or cause. I refuse to participate when they are that way.
    There are also petitions circulated regarding various subjects asking us to join so and so in support or opposition to some random issue. If you believe in the cause supported by the issue, it appears that it is the candidate whom you support.
    I support NARAL. I refuse to sign the petition that says, “join Hillary” in support of NARAL because I do not and never will support Hillary. She is too dishonest and can’t be trusted or believed.

  24. If you think Bernie can deliver on all of his promises without raising everyone’s taxes, you are a fool.

  25. You have no idea how political polling works. They called you because you are a registered voter, not because they know or care who you are. The point is to gauge how certain messages come across to voters, not to change your mind. Eventually, messages deemed effective will be used to change your mind, but that poor girl wasn’t attempting to sway your decision.

    Also, it’s extremely unlikely she was a staff member for any campaign. If she was calling on behalf of a major polling firm, she was probably contracted as a third-party who isn’t making much money. Berating her on her pronunciation of “caucus” is unnecessary and elitist.

    And finally, your attempt to belittle the New York Times is laughable. You write like a frat bro at a state university who just discovered libertarianism.

  26. I get that you’re mad at the state of things, but there was no need to be nasty to this person. They were just doing their job, and doubtless they would have been in trouble had they deviated from their script. This person had no say in the making of the script or the actions of Hillary Clinton or her campaign, and you had no right to be so rude and antagonizing to them.

  27. This doesn’t sound like a push poll at all:

    1) It asked demographic questions at the beginning.

    Push polls generally begin by asking who someone is voting for, and if they chose the wrong candidate, the poll then goes straight into arguments against that candidate. A push poll would not open with demographic questions A) Because push polls aren’t intended to collect data. They aren’t scientific polls, they don’t use probability samples, etc., etc. which means that information would be pretty useless anyway. B) Because asking demographic questions (especially questions about income) makes the person on the other end very likely to hang up. Push polls are trying to spread information as efficiently as possible. Risking a bunch of hang ups by opening asking for demographics would be a huge waste of money.

    2) It then asked a bunch of “which candidate is more trustworthy/experienced/qualified?” type questions.

    Those are questions a campaign, an IE group, or an interested third party might ask, because they test who is successfully getting their message out. But you wouldn’t ask them in a push poll. Push polls are generally much shorter than real polls, because they are intended to spread information rather than collect it. Asking a bunch of questions like this at the beginning makes it that much less likely the voter stays on the line to get to a push poll part. That would be really ineffective.

    3) Every poll any campaign runs polls both their and their opponents’ negatives.

    That’s how you know what messages move the needle. Campaigns choose which positives and negatives they’ll go for based on what polls well and what does not. Had this guy not been such a jerk to a telemarketer and rage quit the poll early, it’s pretty likely he would have gotten asked a bunch of questions about Hillary Clinton’s negatives as well. It’s honestly every bit as likely that this poll is from the Bernie campaign as it is from the Clinton camp. Or, as some commenters have noted it could be from any number of outside groups (PACs, Super PACS, 501(c)(4)’s, unions, even the GOP) that want to influence the results of the Nevada primary.

    4) They kept trying to get him to answer the questions he wouldn’t answer (e.g. party affiliation), and did so without rewording the question.

    That’s what you’d do on an actual poll. It shows a) they care about the answer, and b) care about avoiding question wording biases. Neither would be true in a push poll. In a push poll, you’d try to move along to the things that move voters. This telemarketer is behaving in the way of someone conducting a scientific poll, not a push poll.

    5) The person asking the questions says, “But you have to pick one. Should I MARK DOWN that you are an independent?” [emphasis mine.]

    Were it a push poll, the telemarketer wouldn’t have to mark down anything. A push poll, by definition, does not collect data. This statement makes it pretty clear that data is being collected here.

    Also, this guy was just kind of an asshole to a telemarketer for no reason. The people that make the calls on a telephone poll aren’t “pollsters.” They are people that work at calling centers. Polling firms contract out to companies that make their money by phonebanking. One day they might run a poll, the next day they might be soliciting donations for the American Red Cross or trying to get you to renew a magazine subscription. I’m really put off by how rude this guy was to someone who was just doing a low-wage job…

    I like Bernie, but this article is badly misinformed, and the author seems like a pretty unpleasant dude.

  28. How in the world is it okay for this girl to call asking these obviously biased questions but not okay for him to throw them back at her ?

  29. That was some mighty impressive Right Wing trolling and fiction!

  30. I respect everything Bernie Sanders has done in his political career, and I would support him should he win the Democratic Nomination and the US Presidency.

    I think this story is an excellent example of exactly why he won’t win.

    Clinton represents the status quo. She has the backing of the Democratic National Committee, and I expect she’ll receive each and every Superdelegate vote at the Democratic National Convention. So even if Bernie Sanders picks up more than 55% of the popular vote, the Superdelegates will throw the vote in her favor.

    Why will they do this? Because they fundamentally resist the campaign finance changes that Bernie Sanders would like to see implemented. Bernie Sanders will do what Barack Obama couldn’t do — he will stand up for what is right on every issue. He will face a Republican controlled congress and he won’t blink. From his first day in office to his last, he would defiantly tell the American people exactly what he thinks of every decision made in Washington DC.

    The Democrats in power do not want this. They like things as they are. They benefit from the money that Super PACs and Lobbyists funnel indirectly into their personal pockets.

    The individual voters will have to get a lot angrier, and show more interest in voting in primary elections, before this situation, and I believe Bernie Sanders will be long in his grave before that happens.

  31. I got the same push poll in Boston, MA. Here’s the Caller ID from the push poll: Research Center 586-200-0162. A supervisor called back to clarify one of my answers. Here’s his Caller ID: Boston, MA 617-286-5541.

  32. God, I miss real journalism.

  33. So you don’t know who called you, you weren’t paying attention but you are sure it was someone push polling you from the Hillary campaign. You should be the next director of the FBI.
    And I’m sure you know the inner workings of the Sanders campaign because of your high level clearance as a donor and a volunteer. So you can make objective comments as to how his campaign does not use these tactics.
    When “reporting” stories stick to the facts. Secondly, I’m guessing you made this and it never happened. Please give us the proof that you actually got the phone call.

  34. To Jim,
    I hope that you were joking or at least trying to distort the goals of Senator Sanders.
    I think I speak for many people when I say the ideas of Lenin, Mao, etc. are not the desire or expectation of a potential Sanders presidency.
    If the idea of campaign finance reform(what I believe would end the events described in the article),healthcare as a right, education as a right, fair taxation, living wages, and equal protection under the law. Somehow remind you of Stalin or Mao, then I would suggest returning to your history books.
    Is corporate media biased? Of course they are. They are big businesses. And I and many others have served in defense of their rights to do so. But Jim, they are a private company beholden to law. The state has no rights to “take over” the content of their product.
    However in regard to campaigns, the rules should be more strict than that of consumer media. Why, You may ask? Because public office is not a product, it’s a public service. Emphasis on public.
    So Jim, as a vet I’m thrilled you have the freedom to express your political views. However I think your backing the wrong man based on your “endorsement” but I’d bet Senator Sanders would be glad to hear he has your vote.

    • I agree with your comment. We have to remind some that a Democratic Socialist is much different than a Communist dictatorship. We also have to get the tactics of the HRC out right away and keep hitting at it. Push Poll is very effective with voters who don’t follow as closely as they could.

    • So Bernie supports a flat tax? If that is the case I’d be happy to vote for him. Tax systems don’t get anymore fair than that.

  35. Thanks for the great article. I think that now her campaign, the media, and now the politicians are all doing it. I was watching the announcement about the (bill?) to increase Veterans benefits being shot down by the republicans. One guess as to introduced that bill! Their speeches were all geared toward smearing Bernie’s plans at the expense of our vets.

  36. I’m glad to hear from the commenters here that the pressures of capitalism don’t exist, and that no one ever takes a job that they don’t like or approve of just to pay their bills! Although I’m not sure why we need a Bernie Sanders “revolution” if that’s the case, I mean, it sounds like capitalism is working just fine, right?

    Actually my first job out of high school was in a call center market research place. We occasionally did political calls. The fact that she had a strict script she couldn’t deviate from is a clear indication that she was working for a research firm rather than a campaign. Also I think the most reasonable inference from her lack of familiarity with the word “caucus” is that she isn’t particularly political, and thus, very unlikely to be personally involved with any campaign. And just a note: deviating from the script can get you fired if you work in a place like this. So again, pressures of capitalism. I once had a man who couldn’t answer the question “do you consider yourself pro-life or pro-choice” and just kept saying “neither, I think it should be up to the woman,” and all I could say was “ok would you consider that to be pro-life or pro-choice” so finally we had to skip the question. That man was obviously “pro-choice” in the sense that he thought women should be able to make the decision themselves, but if I had put him down as pro-choice in the survey, I could have gotten into trouble, and potentially even fired.

    One political survey I worked on during my time on the phones involved asking just these types of questions about Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was preparing to run for governor of California. For instance, we asked respondents if they were aware that his father had been a member of the Nazi party in Austria, and did that affect how likely they were to vote for him. This survey was paid for by the Schwarzenegger campaign, not one of his opponents. So while it’s certainly possible that your phone call was paid for by the Clinton campaign for nefarious ends, it’s also possible that it’s research being done by the Sanders campaign. It’s also possible that some other party is responsible. You don’t have enough information.

  37. Guess what. I ive in Massachusetts and got a robo poll yesterday that I thought was HRC’s, but in the end was for BS. As stated above, your comparison with Nazis is what is shameful. BTW, I wonder if BS got my info when his campaign stole HRC’s voter info…

  38. This post is just dumb. You received a message poll. Of course Republicans weren’t featured in it – it’s a poll that’s designed for the primary. Further, message polls often test positive and negative statements about candidates. The purpose of doing polling is to determine which messages resonate. It’s standard practice for any campaign – Democrat or Republican – that plans to spend millions on paid media.

    I question the author’s authority to comment on the subject based on a fundamental lack of understanding of campaigns and campaign tactics. You gotta know what you’re talking about before you complain… well, then again, that’s not true – on the internet you can spout a bunch of nonsense and the people that support the candidate or position you have will simply double down.

    I could care less what you believe, I would be interested in what you actually know.

  39. So.. you spent 40 minutes insulting a call center employee who had no idea what you were talking about, congratulations. What did you think you were going to prove or change? Are you a socialist or just stupid?

  40. 1. Kudos to the writer for re-hashing his detailed experience.
    2. This isn’t necessarily push polling. It’s just polling being conducted by or on behalf of a candidate to determine what messages resonate the most among those who may be sanders supporters or more than likely just scored as high vote propensity Democrats on the internal voterfile.

    3. More often than not, the people making “polling” calls are not volunteers and have no affiliation with the campaign. They are employees in call centers -often located in Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Illinois, or Nebraska- being paid minimum wage that do these day in and day out for candidates, issue advocacy groups and corporations. They are sitting at a terminal reading a script that pops up on their screen. They usually know nothing about what they are reading.

    While I appreciate your witty evisceration of the person interviewing you, and proving that you are are more educated than them, I don’t think it was all that necessary… although it does come with the territory.

  41. The author discusses credibility but uses Wikipedia as an attempt at providing credible information/evidence. These Push Polling techniques are nothing new; they are, rhetorically, the same techniques the media outlets use, albeit a tad more openly than push pollers. What the author brings to light is important. However, even this author’s credibility should be challenged. I will give the author kudos for admitting a bias for Bernie, but insinuating that Wikipedia is a credible source is just the same as every other politcian/political commentator pushing half- truths.

  42. RUDE ??????
    I am on a do not call list!

    so calling me is both RUDE and Illegal
    but politics and “charities” are Exempt!

    but still they are RUDe!

    stuck at min wage to so anything? so I can get a job drowning puppies and you idiots are OK with that ??

    • I meant drowning puppymonkeybabies

    • For reference, the national do not call list only applies to telemarketers.

      It does NOT apply to: Fundraisers, Survey/Poll givers, Charities, Literally everyone that is not a telemarketer.

      So you might find it rude. You might choose to ignore/hang up/etc these calls, but they’re not illegal.

  43. I just learned about what push polling is a few weeks ago, and it is definitely a slimy tactic. It’s even worse than the major “news” outlets – MSNBC, CNN, ABC, etc. – who are trying to pick the candidate for us.

    That said, I don’t believe that this tactic should be illegal. Instead, it should be an indication as to the character of a campaign. If someone is doing a lot of push polling then they obviously cannot win an honest debate on the issues, so they have to use lies and slander instead.

    That said, push polling doesn’t HAVE to be dishonest – but in my experience it always is.

    I’m not a fan of Bernie Sanders – but I’d stick up for him in the same way if someone were to do that to me. We cannot solve any problems at all if the starting point of the conversation is based in lies and deception.

  44. I am insulted that this loud mouthed Self Proclaimed Socialist Pig seems to think that he speaks for all Nevadians. News Flash… He doesn’t! Some of us here in the Silver State hate and detest Hillary just as much we do Bernie. And, I promise all of you that If I get a phone call from either their camps I’m hangin that shit up Right Now! 😛

  45. Call my number and you get whatever attitude I feel you deserve… you called me, remember!?!

  46. You’ve got a new follower. Well executed!

  47. Spot-On,Nolan Dalla-This needs to go viral.To expose the slimy underbelly of Dirty Tricks,to reveal what we revile.Kudos !!!(I just posted this on my Facebook page,and will spread amongst all my Pro-Bernie friends.Feel the Bern !!!Thank you for bringing this to my attention,I am surprised Hillary has waited this long to unleash the dirty tricks.I knew it was coming,just didn’t know when.Thanks,Nolan !!!

  48. wow, you, sir, are an arrogant dick. i used to work for one of those phone survey research centers. this was not someone working for a campaign, they were working for an independently contracted company. you have to follow a strict and specific protocol to conduct these interviews, which is why the interviewer was using a script. do you understand the basics of statistics? apparently not. in order for results to be reliable, the way in which the information is gotten must be consistent. thats just a small point, tho. the larger one is that you were an arrogant ass to someone whose station in life you have no idea of. this is not high paying work and the hours suck and its often a place where people without many options seek employment. i know people who were living in terrifying situations, life and death fucking situations, and they still had to show up and put in their hours and hold it all in and deal with condescending and sexist dicks like you. yeah, i said sexist. i am very aware of how much more female interviewers get yelled at, harassed, sexually harrassed by phone respondents than male interviewers. your sexism may be unconcious, but it is still there. you could have been a nice person, like BERNIE FUCKING SANDERS, you dolt, but instead you took the opportunity to be smug asshole getting high off the stench of his own farts. on behalf of the woman you were a dick to, FUCK YOU!!!!!!

    • i get pollsters calling me, I sometiems take time to answer, if I get a liar calling me I the n Idont rudely dispute their lies, I just wish them an early death as I do for you.

  49. How does he know the push poll was from the Clinton campaign? It’s not clear that he asked them, and this was confirmed. How does he know it’s not from an interest group that doesn’t want Bernie elected now that they are threatened by his chances? ie- Hedge funders, big corps?

  50. Wow. Agreed in many ways, but WHAT an obnoxious article nonetheless. The caller of the author was probably low-income and could care less about politics and said “I’m just reading the questions”. After harassing them, the author even jokes about their pronunciation of words….hello!? Elitism of the left showing a bit??? Wow, I’m blown away people actually don’t pick up on this. Absolutely blown away.

  51. There are a lot of comments on here about how the author “abused” the caller. Umm no. Despicable actions should always be called out. It could very well be that after this phone call, the caller realized what the Hillary campaign is doing is wrong.

  52. You said to the caller that they were a fraud. Well, there is no bigger fraud in US History than Hillary Clinton.

    She is FAKE.

    This is only the beginning of her getting very desperate.

    • Mel, it’s true..You certainly don’t deserve a President as smart, as strategic, as qualified as Hillary Clinton. now go off now and get yourself a free lunch.

  53. Hello fellow humans,

    I didn’t read all the comments, so I’m not sure if anyone else has brought up the things I would like to address. If so, I’m sorry. I did see people suggesting that the person reading the script was likely paid minimum wage. With that, I concur.

    The idea that this was some person in a campaign office push-polling for Clinton is pretty far fetched, to me. I regret to inform you that I work for a market research firm whose main clients are GOP PR firms and PACs (I’m a Marxist). I’m not proud of this. I make minimum wage (up to a dollar more based on performance).

    One of the main things we do is “message testing” which is a political opinion/market research study exactly like the author of this article described. It’s not a push-poll because data is collected and utilized. It is likely used to determine which attack ads to use in which areas. So, it’s not an illegal push-poll, but it might just be worse!

    Sounds like the interviewer was either new or incompetent. Possibly she was still in high-school. The author probably made her cry! I’ve seen in happen plenty of times.

    If anyone starts arguing with me about the bullshit I have to read, I just say “I understand what you’re saying. These are just statements you might hear in a political campaign; I can’t vouch for their veracity. If you heard ___________________________ would you be more or less likely to support _________ or would it make no difference?” If they give me too much shit I say “Those are all the questions I have today. Thank you very much for your time.” …And then I hang up and curse them, colorfully.

    So… I hope the two people who read this far learned something about the hell that I call a day job.


    • Same call two weeks ago in NH….. It’s Clinton based…. and PACs are supposed to be issue based and not candidate based… could be a violation of campaign finance….

      • Just to clear this up: PACS can indeed be candidate based. I’ve been doing a lot of work for the Right to Rise PAC… It’s a pro-Bush PAC. I believe the deal is that they aren’t supposed to work directly with the campaign. The call-center could also be contracted by a PR-firm that was hired by the campaign. Where I work, at least, I’m not sure we ever work directly for the campaigns.

  54. OMG, why are the comments focused on the pollster? You’re deflecting. The issue is about push-polling. Why can you not focus on that? Is it because you want us to ignore the fact it’s conducted by Hillary’s camp, and therefore is implicitly condoned by her? How about just say it’s a reprehensible practice by Hillary? If you just can’t bring yourself to say that, how about saying it’s reprehensible by any candidate? If it were Trump, I bet you’d be all over him (I know I would be).

  55. I did not see any evidence of the author being mean to the caller. He did correct her on several points, but not rudely. Whatever the caller’s reasons for doing this job are, does not change the fact that she was push polling. Ignorance is no excuse. The caller refused to identify herself or who she worked for. She had to have had some knowledge of what she was doing or she would have identified herself and her employer. And if she thought she were being treated badly, she could have ended the call right away. She is the one who persisted to the end. To save her job, she could have said the person hung up on her.

  56. Sure, we might feel some compassion for the poor woman trying to survive, but the impetus of the story is the immorality of push-polling itself AND of hiring an innocent to do a dirty job.

  57. She asked for your phone number. I assume that means this was a robo call, on top of everything else?

  58. These tactics come into play when big dark money is at stake. But we already knew that about HRC. They do their best to train fraudulent ideas into people’s heads, but once they are off the phone people are free to think for themselves again. If some people aren’t smart enough to see through it, let them go ahead and vote for whatever sh– candidate is behind it. Said dirty tactics didn’t get Hillary in office in 2008. It probably won’t help her in 2016 either.

  59. Interesting to read all the weakling moral sociopaths backing “the poor woman caller”. We are given no reason to assume she’s poor, that she knows nothing about what she is doing, that she’s getting paid. Ignore the fact she’s committing a crime and focus on your outrage if you like but you deserve no more sympathy than this woman. Putting her in jail would be fair.

    • Unfortunately, message testing negative campaign slogans is not against the law. Perhaps you should contact your representatives and request that they include regulation of political polls in a comprehensive campaign reform bill… I’m sure it will get far.

      You seem to be assuming an awful lot yourself. My comments are based on the fact that I do this job myself. There’s nothing reported about this survey that indicates it’s a push-poll. Working at a market research call center is a minimum-wage, entry-level job with high turn over.

      Get mad at the system. Get mad at the politicians who enable and benefit from it. Don’t get mad at the interviewer… It’s absurd.

      Pro tip: call centers that do this kind of work aren’t generally found in places that have a lot of job opportunities.

  60. Bernie is not a Democrat! He is a Socialist Independent who is going to raise your taxes substantially to pay for his “free” gifts! Hillary Clinton is the true Democrat in the race and she has been fighting for us for years. Senator Sanders was virtually unheard of before he entered the race because he had done very little during his tenure in Congress. He has never sponsored a bill for women or minorities! If you’re voting for him, you need to rethink your priorities!

  61. You are my hero. Thanks for posting this!

  62. Just doing her job ? Just like the people that call every day trying to gain control of my computer , steal my identity ? Credit card info ? Would you do the wrong dishonest thing because you were told to?if you do you are pretty sad as a person

  63. I don’t support either candidate, I am independent (although I love your reason why not to be an independent). This article was fabulous and shows a trending problem in US politics. I am so tired of the status quo! And even though I am the opposite of socialist I still prefer Bernie Sanders over HC. If a Democrat has to win let it be Bernie Sanders.

  64. There’s a place called Precision Opinion in Nevada that does surveys like these for the Clinton Administration. They are all severely biased towards Clinton highlighting good things that she’s done while casting a very negative light on all of the other candidates. The majority of the questions are neutral or designed to feel out your opinion of her, specifically, but there’s one or two sections of questions in each one that involve long paragraphs of misinformation, outright lies, and/or slander regarding the other candidates. The people doing the surveys are employed by Precision Opinion who is contracted by the campaign. They handled the push-polling that Obama’s campaign did as well, as they will happily tell anyone that they employ. A lot of the employees know absolutely nothing about politics, but even if they do, they’re not allowed to choose the survey they’re assigned to give and are not allowed to veer off script. Sounds like the person works for a company like this, if not this one exactly, given the way she absolutely clings to the script like a lifeline.

  65. I am really dismayed by the level to which the tenor of the comments has sunk here. It’s just a lot of people screaming at each other. What I find strangest of all is that some people apparently post without reading previous comments; there are some really good ones by people who explain how call centers work, who works at them and why. These comments clear up some of the author’s original questions.

    Tip: When you get called by a pollster, don’t answer any questions before you get the caller’s name, company and company address.

  66. I wouldn’t vote for Bernie or Hillary even if a fucking gun was pointed at my head.

  67. It is obvious that your article has the same intent as you accuse the Clinton supporters as having BECAUSE you overlooked the many aggressions of Bernie Believers such as Bernie having to tell his own supporters to quit “bad-mouthing” Hillary Clinton…..I did not see any intent of yours to face or deal with the many slams that BB fans have assaulted Hillary Clinton with…..that’s what ALL GOOD JOURNALISTS HAVE IN COMMON…so, it evidently takes you out of the category of “credibility journalism”, Nolan 🙂

  68. I do not believe this even happened. Bernie supporters are so out of control, they would make up anything to try and damage Clinton.

  69. Glad I know what push polling is now! Thank you for that. Also, folks working in concentration camps were also just doing their jobs. So is every soldier in war, and every employee at Whaling Fleets, Exxon, BP, Shell, Boing, Halliburton, Bechtel, or in the Canadian Tar Sands. Just folks doing their jobs with zero accountability or responsibility. Which is not true. Even though we’re compensated for labor it doesn’t mean we relinquish our responsibilities for our actions. Although it’s also always important to treat all humans with respect and dignity, even if they are guilty of a crime against ourselves or others, and even as justice is being served against them for any crimes they’ve committed.

  70. How do you know it was not a Bernie poolster trying to test the loyalty of its supporters???

  71. There’s only one problem with this article. The poll did NOT come from Hillary’s campaign. It came from a Nevada conservative group. Read the article very carefully again. No where do they say anything about being part of Clinton’s campaign. Think, question, do your research, and NEVER ASSUME.

  72. Sounds like a fabrication of what a push poll is.

  73. I volunteered early on for the Clinton campaign in ’08 because I thought it would be nice to support a woman for the white house. I was handed a packet with scripts like the above, given a dial in number and volunteer number, and cut loose to do the same, to call and “persuade” people to vote for Hillary using scripts provided. I believe this whole things was for Nevada calls, btw, if i recall correctly. I did not like the arm-twisting I was supposed to do and the more I learned about her, realized Hillary was not the gal for me so I stopped volunteering. I had no idea. The young lady you spoke with didnt know either. She thought she was helping out like I did. Good article.

  74. thank you for writing this and sharing with the American people who are continuously insulted by the political establishment. Bernie is a once in a lifetime candidate. A coup is brewing in my opinion 🙂 Thanks again from CT. Bernie2016

  75. Can the Sanders campaign sue for this sleazy dirty trick of push polling and telling lies like this? This story needs to be shared across all Facebook pages, particularly ones in Nevada.

  76. You have to understand that suppression breeds heartache, envy, insecurity, and eventually anger, rage, and war. This country no longer wants to be a pissing match of who’s gonna be hurt and oppressed more. This is the revelation what we are be awakened to. A chance for a country where true civil equality gets to progress at the speed of Evolution. Social and human, not just of Religion or Capitalism. We the People finally wants to be WE THE PEOPLE. This is a Revolution. This is the birth of the Next Generation of this Nation’s Spirit! I with all my heart believe that if the Patriots of this nation could look back from time that they to would ‪#‎feelthebern‬. Thank you. Each of you who are sharing this Revolution with me and others. I am proud to be besides you in the greatest spirit of Democracy in our nation’s history. Let’s lead the way, let’s light this fire, let’s make this world proud.

  77. Have you seen yesterday’s poll by Target Point, which claims the Nevada primary contest is now tied? Sample question: “While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation received millions in foreign donations and did not disclose them, despite her promising President Obama that she would do so. Does this make you more or less likely to support her?” Push polling, I would say. Shame on Bernie’s supporters.

    • Robert, you would find, if you did a google search that Target Point is a shill for the Republican National Committee. They have done push polling in previous elections and I strongly doubt that the Sanders Campaign has any connection with them. So basically you are blaming Bernie for what is a standard Republican tactic.

      • Thank you for calling this to my attention, Rick. I stand corrected.

  78. Thank you for exposing Hillary’s dirty tactics. I hope your blog post goes viral.

  79. This is a strategy. Tell pollsters you would be MORE likely to vote for Bernie if he did those bad things….then watch Hillary come out for them too!

  80. You are a reason some people dislike Sanders. You write ad nauseam about how you insult the way someone pronounces a word? You do not know the group behind the call, yet you assume with certainty it’s Clinton? Nice inductive leap based on few to no provable specifics. By the way, if you want to denigrate someone over pronunciation, and spend so much time doing so, you might be better off taking a grammar course. Your writing, though, is solid evidence that an educational system has failed at least one person.

    • Right out of the Clinton Playbook. Dirac and deviate. Not part of the Clinton Campaign? Seriously? Oh, right, it must be one of the OTHER candidates in the Democratic Primary OTHER than Clinton! And, yes, I know that one of the things that you hate about Sanders People is go they use ALL CAPS in social media comments. Any criticism, by anyone, about anything is either sexist, a smear campaign or part of the Great Republican conspiracy. It can’t possibly that she is a pa pathological liar in the pocket of Wall Street bankers.

  81. At first I thought Dalla sounds like an intelligent rational individual. Then, I realized he was a Bernie supporter; well I can’t be right all the time. Actually, in my opinion, Bernie would be the lesser of the two evils. The no balls Republicans in Congress would be reluctant to challenge Hillary because she’s a women (at least as far as we know) just as they are afraid to go after Obama because he’s black. I don’t think they’d have a problem with an old white man.

  82. Feeling the Bern in Massachusetts!

  83. How come this is the only guy that got push polled? And he happens to be a Bernie supporter and he has no recording of the call. There’s no one else out there that has recorded this phantom push poll like they did the Cruz push polls in SC. Sounds fishy to me, like another Bernie Bro lying without any proof to back it up.

  84. Just received a very similar call in Austin Texas so they’re push polling all over the place. Despicable.

  85. Honestly, you just sound like a bit of an a-hole. This was, in all likelihood, someone trying to earn a few bucks by running some phone polls. Also, I wouldn’t brag about denigrating someone over a mispronunciation when this entire article reads like it was written by an angry 7th grade student. A tip for you: telling someone repeatedly that you could “destroy their points” without actually doing so makes you look like the kid in class who argued with the teacher even when he was wrong. Nobody likes that kid, don’t be that kid.

    One day you may be an esteemed political writer. Today is not that day.

  86. shitthatdidnthappen.txt
    I don’t know whether or not you were push polled by someone working for Clinton’s campaign but I do know you did not immediately come up with “You are a disgrace to politics and to progressives. Do you see what you are doing? You are trying to frighten Latino voters and completely misrepresenting the Sanders’s voting record. Do you realize that? Do you know what you are doing? Nevada has lots of Hispanics and you are push polling a question designed to scare Latinos about Sanders. Isn’t that right? Admit it.”

  87. Your foam-at-the-mouth support for Bernie was completely unmatched by….some poor ignorant girl.
    You must be so proud, vanquishing such formidable opponents.
    Do Bernie a favor and mellow out there, tiger.


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