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Posted by on Jun 22, 2021 in Blog, Las Vegas, Travel | 1 comment

Hey Las Vegas, Clean Up Your Act!





When we think of the Las Vegas Strip, the image that comes to mind is probably something like the scene in the photo (above).

In reality, it’s something very different.

In recent years, I’ve noticed an alarming decline in the basic upkeep and care of many properties on the Las Vegas Strip.  It’s gotten so bad I don’t even want to go into some casinos.

Some of the parking garages are right out of a third-world country. They’re disgusting. A few casinos are to be avoided altogether because they’re so filthy and presumably unhealthy. If they can’t bother to clean vomit stains off the floor, then do you really think they’re changing air filters?  I suspect that safety is just as much an issue — but that’s almost never reported here in Las Vegas because the casino industry controls most of the media.  If crimes are happening, they aren’t being reported (or are downplayed).

I could write more than a dozen horror stories. Because I have business and obligations to go to the Strip on a regular occasion, I’m forced to park in some places that are truly horrifying. Urine is a common sight and smell in almost EVERY stairway. I’m talking Caesars Palace. The Flamingo smells like a toilet. Harrah’s might be the worst. Oh, and they slam you up to $20 for parking. It would be nice if Caesars would use some of that shakedown money to buy a mop.

Elevators are so filthy you don’t want to touch the buttons. I’ve seen panels that haven’t been cleaned in months. And this isn’t just COVID-related. Many of these properties have been open for many months now. Apparently, they haven’t seen a cleaning crew since 2019. I can’t count the number of times my feet have stuck to the floor from some unknown “spillage” on the floor. I mean, how much can it cost to clean the elevators?

As for hotel rooms, while this isn’t something I personally need or use, the number of complaints and posts I’ve seen from visitors is skyrocketing. Basic services that anyone would expect at a budget motel anywhere else in the country aren’t being provided. Maintenance is delayed, breaking down, or non-existent. Some of this is related to corporate casino culture and every facet of operations being squeezed to boost shareholder confidence or fund new expensive projects. So, many of the older properties are badly neglected. The corporate mentality is — so long as the reservations keep coming on, provide as little service as possible. And don’t even bother dragging a mop into the elevator. That costs money.

Of course, some properties are still first class. Wynn comes to mind. The Bellagio and Aria remain well run and taken care of, from my experiences. However, most of the other casinos are dirty, unhealthy, and perhaps even unsafe.

So long as I’ve been coming to Las Vegas and now living in this city, casinos were always clean and polished. Even the older joints were well-maintained. If a lightbulb burned out, it was changed immediately. If there was a spill in the hallway, it was cleaned. The floors shined. No more.  And forget about swimming pools.  Can you imagine what’s in the water?

I see this as a very big concern. If I’m noticing an alarming depreciation of care, then I’m sure visitors are also left with memories that aren’t positive. Sorry, Las Vegas Strip — I have ZERO DESIRE to pay $20 to park in your filthy garage, smell urine, and step over vomit stains in the elevator.

Clean up your act!

1 Comment

  1. This blog is very significant.. I am the resident of las vegas. This post steals my words. Everything which is written above is 100% correct. Las vegas needs to be improved.

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