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Posted by on Aug 27, 2021 in Blog, Politics, Rants and Raves | 0 comments

Haven’t We Learned Anything from Afghanistan?



Dumb meme of the day:  This has got to be the dumbest fucking Facebook meme I’ve seen in a very long time, and given all the dumb fucking Facebook memes, that’s REALLY saying something.


The imagery is entirely self-explanatory. After yesterday’s tragic terrorist attack at the Kabul Airport that killed at least 13 brave American military personnel, a meme mill someplace spun out this little ditty that’s now tearing across social media like a drunken tornado spearing through Kansas.

The meme poster is typically the same. Usually a Trumpster– a neckbeard, a flannel shirt, a flag, and often a pic of the dude’s car. Sometimes a Bible verse and a gun. Ever notice it’s mostly faux patriots and armchair generals who always scream the loudest for blood?  You know–gutless dirt-dumb sadistic flag-humping cowards.

I made the huge mistake of actually engaging with one of the keyboard warhawks late last night. In a thread with hundreds of comments such as…“turn Afghanistan into a parking lot!” and “bomb them back into the stone age!” and “turn the desert into glass!”… I attempted to better understand their foreign policy perspectives, which is sort of like speaking Swedish to a farm animal while it’s gorging itself on pigslop from a trough.

“This is how you negotiate with terrorists,” the witty meme tells us, showing a B-52 dropping a shitload of bombs on presumably “the enemy.”

Hmm, haven’t we been bombing the enemy “into the stone age” for the past 20 years now? Haven’t we already bombed the shit out of the mountains in Afghanistan? Haven’t we been following that worn-out playbook? Hmm, how’d that turn out? Anyone got an update???

Have these meme munchers been paying fucking attention to the wars in the Middle East for two decades? Have these stupid fucks ever heard of Vietnam when THAT was precisely what was done as a military exercise? And what exactly do they want to “carpet bomb?”

Seriously, bomb what? Who? Where? Name the place. Name the spot they want to “turn into glass.” Pinpoint the target. I’d love to hear from the “make-believe” experts.

Okay, let me offer some suggestions for discussion: Should we bomb all of Kabul? Remove it from the map, as one Biden-basher insisted. You know, make it into “glass” Since bombs pretty much fall indiscriminately, let me ask this—how many kids are acceptable as human collateral (casualties)? How many innocent lives do you want to murder? 10,000? 100,000? 10 million? There’s a word for the act of murdering millions of people, many of them stuck there and undoubtedly either supported our mission or are apolitical about the conflict. It’s called GENOCIDE. There’s also a name for those who want to turn cities, towns, and villages “into a parking lot.” They’re called SADISTS.

They would have cheered My Lai.

Indeed, these are sick sadists spewing utter nonsense. And they wouldn’t even be bombing the right people as targets, the “terrorists” who actually killed Americans. Fact: ISIS (and ISIS-K), who committed these acts, are sworn *enemies* of the Taliban. That’s why they want to create chaos. I know, it’s far too difficult to grasp there are differences and divisions within Afghanistan.

Simpletons always want easy answers. Let’s not even get into how “bombing Afghanistan into the stone age” would cost even more billions and risk more American lives, even possibly triggering future acts of retribution in the form of terrorism. Wiping Kabul off the maps would ABSOLUTELY create future 9/11 attacks. I can’t think of a dumber idea. But hey, your Lazy Boy recliner in the living room makes for on helluva command post.

A few days ago, I posted something to the effect that we NEVER LEARN FROM HISTORY. I expected the warhumpers would surface again with their pablum of lunacy. I just didn’t expect these morons to want to charge back into Afghanistan after 20 years and trillions spent that’s produced NOTHING positive.

Some people never fucking learn.


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