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Posted by on Oct 26, 2023 in Blog | 3 comments

Getting a Perspective on Personal Problems



My troubles are pitifully small when the challenges faced by many other people are so big.

I’ve received several messages recently. Some have asked why I’m not posting as much lately on Facebook. I’m also not posting as many articles here at my website.

That’s a valid question. Especially since I’m usually actively engaged in politics and current events. I always have strong opinions to share. Accordingly, please allow me to offer the following explanation for my absence and pause.

This has been a tough few weeks for many reasons. I won’t get into any personal matters (don’t worry — none of these setbacks are life shattering). Lots of little things just add up over time. Sometimes, they can become overwhelming. My guess is that most, if not all of you, have felt pressures in your personal life and career. Sometimes, we just need a “time out.”

But what’s impacted me most are events way beyond my control. They have impacted me and altered my outlook significantly. Listing them here and now seems terribly redundant, but just a few examples are:

  1. A sizable percentage of the country I live in appears to be certifiably insane.
  2. Disinformation and ignorance is epidemic.
  3. The political system is broken, perhaps beyond repair.
  4. Movies aren’t as good as before.
  5. Music isn’t as good anymore.
  6. Even the great city where I now reside isn’t how it once was, or how I imagined it should be, and has devolved into a rigged corporate carnival game, that is, when it’s not transformed into a giant racetrack.
  7. Oh, and then there’s the danger of getting shot by a gun nut with an assault rifle every time I walk out of my front door.

Perhaps a lot of this angst is just rooted in a feeling of a loss of control.

I think the frustration comes in not being able to do much about these things, unless writing and complaining about them counts.

Oh, and then there’s the giant elephant in the proverbial room: I’m speaking of the ongoing and never-ending Israel-Palestine problem. Not an hour has passed since 7 October than I haven’t pondered some aspect of that terrible conflict. I’ve tried writing about it, but nothing I’ve typed out seems particularly insightful. On a very selfish level, I thought writing about the situation would help, perhaps even provide some greater clarity, or at the very least be a constructive way to channel frustration and anger. So far, I haven’t reached the point of being comfortable with sharing my thoughts because I think such a serious subject demands careful contemplation and even more of an effort to understand. Perhaps I’ll get there soon. I certainly hope so.
In the context of all these worldly problems, rants about bad restaurants or losing sports bets (or making videos about them) seems hopelessly out of touch. Surely, the time will come when we all need distractions, and I love distractions in all forms. But no. Not now. Not yet.

Please don’t message me asking questions I do not know how to answer. I’m not looking for feedback, nor even seeking encouragement. Save it for the needy and more deserving. I’ll be fine. I have it good. I don’t mean this as immodesty, but my bad weeks would be blessing for most people. My troubles are pitifully small when the challenges faced by many other people are so big.

It’s all a matter of perspective.


  1. 8.(8) I’m getting older and slowing down

  2. No comment … as requested.

    My personal opinion, which might not be worth much to anyone who has a different opinion, is that too many on the Right are looking for Adolph Hitler and too many on the Left are looking for Ho Chi Minh while most in the middle are looking for a JFK or a RR. Someone who can get mandatory stuff done by compromise. Might not be possible but I am holding out hope that it is not yet time (which is inevitable) for our empire to fail.


      Hard to argue with this statement.

      — ND

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