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Posted by on Oct 3, 2023 in Blog | 0 comments

Food for Artistic Thought



One thing I’l like to see much more of is the integration of art into daily life. Art should not just be something inside a museum. Art should be an expression of who were are and reflect what we experience. Wider audiences, of all backgrounds, should be exposed each day to artists and their art.

Since we spend much of our time in eating and drinking places, I’d like to see many more businesses display artworks, especially by local artists, and even assist in selling their works. For instance, here’s one Las Vegas restaurant near me that –instead of using boring factory-made prints that do nothing for the appeal of the restaurant– rather, they give that valuable wall space to local artists who can display their art and even sell these items. Presumably, the restaurant gets to shine from displaying original works of art and takes a cut of any sales That sure seems like a win – win – win deal for the artist – the restaurant – and the customer who gets to see and enjoy something that’s truly unique.

Sadly, we rarely see these kinds of things with corporate businesses which are so often impersonal cookie-cutter hangouts devoid of any personality or local touches. We never see these things in big chains or The Strip, unless there’s a charge to get in.

Hopefully, more businesses here in Las Vegas (and elsewhere) will copy this formula where everyone wins. Artists win. The restaurants win. Customers win.

Let’s do more of this, please.



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