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Posted by on Apr 1, 2022 in Blog, Sports Betting | 0 comments

First Thoughts on the 2022 World Cup (Groupings)




Today is a monster day in international sports as the 2022 World Cup groups are now officially set (almost).

The draw happened about an hour ago.

There are really three major perspectives to look at World Cup groupings and matchups — from a serious fan’s point of view, a casual fan’s standpoint, and finally a betting (gambling) perspective.  Here’s the groupings:


A few thoughts:

(1) Many casual fans will look for the most interesting geopolitical matchups. For instance, imagine the response the Ukraine national team will receive (they still must get past Wales for the final spot). Fortunately, Russia didn’t qualify–imagine that game if it happened. The most intriguing first-rounders are anything Ukraine plays, USA-Iran, Spain-Germany (perhaps the best opening round matchup of all), and Portugal-Uruguay.

(2) More serious fans will be all over the Argentina-Poland match (Messi-Lewandowski), France-Denmark (recall the 2018 game between these two), and (as mentioned) Spain-Germany. Meanwhile, expect riots and mass depression in Italy which is still reeling from not qualifying this year.

(3) Outlier point-of-view: Group H is the toughest 4 teams, with not an easy win in the bunch: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea.

(4) Easiest draws–Brazil to sweep, Netherlands should advance with no trouble, and maybe Belgium. However, a note about Senegal (see below).

(5) Darkhorse: Senegal. Dangerous team, loaded with talent, playing on the same continent (sorta’). Senegal-Netherlands will be a “must-see” game. Also, keep an eye on Mexico.

(6) Teams will no shot–easy. Qatar (only get here because they’re the host), Saudi Arabia, Iran, USA, Japan, and Canada (nice qualification, tho!).

(7) Giants most likely to fall: Spain/Germany loser or Portugal

(8) Best Bets: Fade France early, especially vs. Denmark….Senegal to roll and score goals….Saudi Arabia to get whacked in every game (badly)….for really ambitious bettors–play the dog in every Group H game because that could be a crapshoot.

Note: I reserve the right to change my opinion, as this is a very early first-look.

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