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Posted by on May 18, 2014 in Blog, Personal, Restaurant Reviews | 1 comment

The Real Reason Behind My Affection for Mineral Water





Why do I choose to drink mineral water all the time?

But — rather than ask why I drink mineral water mostly, the rightful question is — why do so many people willingly consume the legal poison known as soft drinks?

To me, that’s outrageous.


Even more appalling — why do so many parents pump their kids full of all so much syrupy garbage?

Someone, please explain this bizarre atrocity to me, because I sure can’t figure it out.  It’s perfectly clear how dangerous soft drinks are to one’s health, especially when they’re the primary consumable of most people’s diets.

Poison is precisely what all sugary soft drinks are.  They’re aperitifs for chronic health problems later– including obesity, Type-2 diabetes, heart disease, kidney damage, high blood pressure, bone-density loss, and other preventable maladies manifested in a nation full of fat people.  There’s no longer any scientific debate about this.  All research points to the same thing.  Drinking soft drinks habitually carries with it some serious health risks.  Not only that, this crisis threatens to crush the already heavily-burdened health care system.

Consider the facts.  One-third of all Americans are now clinically defined as “obese.”  even worse, the fastest-growing class of obese people and diabetics are children.  This isn’t the children’s fault.  Dietary habits are established when young.  So, it’s the fault of the parents.  So, let’s begin to call these destructive habits what they truly are.  Parents who allow and encourage their children to consume soft drinks (and excessive amounts of fast food) are guilty of one thing — child abuse.  Simple as that.

Soft drinks are to a body’s internal organs what cigarette smoking is to a healthy set of lungs.  Like drinking venom.  Liquid candy laced with chemicals.  When weighing this scope of collective destruction and the overall health care costs we will all end up paying, which are already now severely taxing our medical resources and accesses to care, soft drinks are in fact, far more harmful than cocaine.

Of course, America’s appalling health problems aren’t solely linked to sugary beverages such as Coke and Pepsi.  It goes much deeper than that.  Sugary beverages are just one piece of a very unhealthy shit pie we’re all sharing.  Entire generations are now addicted to fast food restaurants.  We crave store-bought processed food products.  We indulge in unhealthy snacks.  We don’t get enough exercise.  This all contributes significantly to what’s become a crisis of appalling magnitude.  These habits will inevitably cause misery for tens of millions of people, later in life.  In other words, these problems are likely to get worse.

I’ve never cared much for soft drinks.  Occasionally I drank them when younger.  Then, I discovered the majesty of mineral water — which provides the exact same thirst-quenching relief, yet without all the empty calories and harmful side effects.

While living in Europe for a few years, I began to see that mineral water was within those societies what soft drinks are here.  Of course, Coke and Pepsi are also widely popular in Europe.  But they’re not a staple beverage of everyone’s diet.  Unlike Americans, most Europeans don’t drink 4 to 5 Cokes a day.  And they’re certainly not ingested as heavily by children.

There are several reasons for these cultural differences.  Over here, we allow giant corporations to control pretty much everything that goes into our bodies.  We let corporations litter our minds with propaganda in the form of highly-deceptive advertising.  After all, we use clowns to sell hamburgers and tigers to sell breakfast cereal.  Of course, the food industry rightfully deserves credit for supplying 300 million people with food at what remains a relatively low cost to most consumers.  But the highly-competitive nature of the big business also impels the food industry to increasingly jazz up doses of toxins that are terribly bad for us.  More fat, more sugar, more salt, more chemicals, more additives — all are designed to trick our minds into believing what we’re eating and drinking tastes good.

Unfortunately, modern living doesn’t allow most of us to fact-check every food label.  We can’t avoid all the food products which might be harmful to us.  Lack of time sometimes mandates that we pull into a fast-food joint and order a cheeseburger.  And who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza?  But must these dietary decisions be the rule rather than the exception?  Shouldn’t a healthy meal and a hearty beverage be a matter of habit, rather than an occasional whim?

For me, drinking mineral water is not just a means of protest.  It’s also a consistently easy thing to do.  Mineral water is clean, crisp, and natural.  It’s also CONSIDERABLY CHEAPER than most soft drinks by volume.  Mineral water carries absolutely no health risks.  We won’t gain weight by drinking it.  How many things that you eat and drink have these same attributes.  Answer — not many.

Finally, let’s add the impacts of soft drinks versus mineral water on our dental health, and any rational person would likely agree we’re now way past the tipping point.  Sugary and syrupy acids in the form of soft drinks destroy the teeth.  Meanwhile, the only extra ingredient in mineral water is sodium, calcium, and magnesium.


Aside from my European friends who already know this, I hope a few more readers might try drinking mineral water rather than all those sugary soft drinks that make us fat and ruin our health and are going to end up killing so many.  You might be amazed not only by how much you enjoy it, but also how much better you feel later after abandoning the addiction to poison.

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1 Comment

  1. The answer is very simple to me as to why so many U.S. kids drink sodas. Parental conditioning led by the hand of profit-seeking corporations (as Nolan mentioned above). In recent years, though, soda makers have been diversifying and buying out makers of non-carbonated drinks. Soft drink purveyors already see the writing on the wall as the general public slowly catches on to the dangers of sugary sodas.

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