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Posted by on May 24, 2023 in Blog, Personal, Travel | 1 comment

Every Picture Tells a Story: Marieta Dalla in Philadelphia (1998)




I snapped this photo of Marieta on a street in Philadelphia’s Chinatown district about 25 years ago.

We had just eaten on a rainy afternoon and I turned with a camera and caught her at the perfect moment. Just when I snapped the button, one of those ugly old car boats zoomed by and created a really cool blurred background effect.

I’m maybe the worst photographer on the planet, but then sometimes luck prevails.


Note: We held a garage sale recently and I’m going through lots of old stuff, including photographs which I’ll be sharing in the coming days and weeks. My philosophy is — a photo does no good tucked in an album or stored in a box. A great photo should be shared. And, this is a great photo. First in a lengthy series. Quoting Rod Stewart, “every picture tells a story (don’t it?).”

1 Comment

  1. Looking forwards to the upcoming pictures and stories.
    Always entertaining and enjoyable.
    Marieta never seems to age.

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