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Posted by on Jul 17, 2013 in Blog, General Poker, Las Vegas | 4 comments

Five Days Until the Venetian Poker Boycott: Adelson Remains Defiant




The countdown continues.

Two days ago, I issued a simple declaration to Sands Corporation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Adelson.

The deal was (and remains) that the boycott scheduled for next week (July 22-26) will be called off provided that Mr. Adelson acknowledges poker as a “game of skill.”

Nearly one month has elapsed since the boycott was first announced.  Two days have passed since my offer to cancel the boycott based on very simple and reasonable terms.  So far, the Adelson camp remains silent.


This leaves five more days until the start of the poker player boycott of the Venetian.  I urge all poker players who really care about our game and want to fight for our rights to help spread the word and pledge not to play in the Venetian poker room for that five-day period.

The latest reports I’ve received show that numbers were down significantly this past weekend from previous weeks.  Poker players are catching on to this news.  Read the discussion forums at just about any poker website.  Players at the Venetian this weekend were talking openly about the upcoming boycott and some (according to sources who have approached me) were agreeing it was time to do something.  So, the word is getting out.

I’ll post daily reminders here leading up to the start of the boycott and report back immediately if anyone from Sheldon Adelson’s organization makes any overture at all to retract his ridiculous assertion that poker is not a game of skill.

Thanks to everyone out there for all the comments and support.  If you agree with us that online poker should be legal inside the United States, we must stand in solidarity on this one issue, if just for five days.


  1. Does Adelson “remain defiant” or does he simply not know or care? Do I remain defiant in my lack of support for the Topeka, KS branch of the ASPCA?

  2. I am sure the winding down of the WSOP had nothing to do with the numbers being down last weekend. Please. If Adelaon weren’t a huge Republican financial supporter, no one would care about comments a businessman made about the competition, or would have cared one whit that he said poker is not a game of skill.

    • Numbers were down due to the end of the WSOP and the Venetian Deep stack. Adelson could care less. He treats his employees like crap and would have no problem replacing the Poker room with slot machines. I support the boycott but doubt the regular players will care. There is no way they will find the motivation to play in other rooms. In 2010 the Venetian hosted the NAPT sponsored by Poker Stars. This was at the height of the online poker boom and didn’t seem to hurt business or cause mass debt. Adelson only cares about money. He missed the train and now wants to stop his competition from cashing in. He is a total low life.

  3. As a Poker player I don’t understand why anyone would play at Venetian. Bellagio has more game selection and limits to choose from. Wynn has deeper 1-3 {500 max}and 2-5 games {1500 max}. Plus I don’t like giving my business to Sheldon Adelson. But here lies the problem. The boycott which I support will not work because the majority of Poker player are LAZY and not very sharp. Asking a Poker player to change locations even if it’s a better option is beyond the realm of possibility. Example, the Wynn is currently offering 2 dollar an hour comps plus fifty dollars cash for every 10 hrs. played per week on all Limit holdem games. Right now there are 4 4-8 games at Venetian and 0 at Wynn. Why am I sitting in Bellagio playing 10-20 20-40 for 40hrs per week when I can get the same comp, rake, and an extra 200 in cash in my pocket playing at Wynn? Why do the locals who play 40-60 hrs. in 4-8 games turn down 200-300? Answer, Poker player’s are LAZY. If they can’t move next door for cash then they wont boycott.


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