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Posted by on Aug 28, 2018 in Blog, Essays, Politics, Rants and Raves, Uncategorized | 2 comments

Could Melania be the Trump Who Makes America Great Again?



Could Melania be the Trump who “Makes America Great Again?”  Don’t laugh.  The First Lady could be our best hope to neuter the disastrous Trump Presidency.


The hero who ends up saving the republic might not be who you think.

Robert Mueller?  Nope.

Try this:  Melania Trump.

That’s right, the First Lady.

Evidence is mounting that Mrs. Trump is growing increasingly dissatisfied with what’s happening in this country.  She’s annoyed by her own puppeteered role in what’s become a charade.  It’s abundantly clear she loathes her husband-president for the many humiliations he’s cruelly foisted upon her.  She holds him deeply in contempt for the gilded cage and golden handcuffs of a political life she’s never wanted.

Mrs. Trump has already begun openly trolling her bully spouse.  In her public statements, through her spokespeople, in her actions, and clearly on her face when she’s around him — we clearly see a woman who’s miserable.  Sure, the traditional role of First Lady has typically been a lonely place.  But this time, it’s different.  We’ve never seen a presidential spouse display such a public level of resentment.

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni raised this point recently with the hyperbolic headline, “Melania Trump Could Be Our Greatest First Lady.”  In his commentary, Bruni writes:

“This first-lady thing clearly flummoxed her at first.  It’s a ludicrous job.  You’re supposed to make a difference without making waves, find a passion while veiling your convictions and smile blithely through a ceaseless forensic examination of your every accessory.  It’s infantilizing.  It’s objectifying.  If a presidential administration were a sedan, the first lady would be its hood ornament.  If it were a manse, she’d be the topiary bracketing the front stoop.”

Normally, speculation on political marriages would be off-limits, or at the very least relegated to the slimy rags on grocery store newsstands which make a fast buck off rumor and scandal.  But the Trump’s marital rift has very real consequences which extend far beyond the bedroom.  Mrs. Trump’s apparent evolution of awareness and willingness to confront the president makes for some very interesting future possibilities.

Keeping separate bedrooms isn’t news, perhaps.  But when the Trumps travel together, they also keep separate quarters.  We’ve seen the scenes of Mrs. Trump swatting away her husband’s hand in public.  We’ve witnessed Mrs. Trump faking smiles and then — apparently unaware she’s always being filmed and photographed — letting her guard down with facial expressions clearly revealing what a joyless experience it is being married to Donald Trump.

When Mrs. Trump first announced she would lead an anti-bullying campaign and make it one of her personal pet projects, her detractors quickly noted the blatant hypocrisy.  A revisionist perspective is Mrs. Trump might actually be trolling the Tweeter-in-Chief.

As Bruni eloquently noted in his column, Mrs. Trump may be far more clever than any of us initially gave her credit for.  She appeared at the last State of the Union address in uncharacteristic fashion wearing a brightly-colored pantsuit, which was Hillary Clinton’s trademark.  After the president insulted LeBron James’ intelligence, Mrs. Trump went out of her way to praise James the following day, even going so far as to express interest in visiting some of the schools the basketball star has funded.  After the president demanded that all televisions inside White Houses offices be tuned 24/7 to FOX-News, Mrs. Trump’s television on Air Force One was instead tuned to CNN.  When questioned about the apparent act of apostasy, the first lady’s spokesperson shot back, “she watches any channel she wishes.”

While President Trump has repeatedly attacked “globalism” and ceaselessly advanced nationalism, Mrs. Trump — who immigrated to America from Eastern Europe — seems to have quite a different point of view.  While she speaks five languages, he often has trouble with one.  She’s used the phrase “global society” both in her written and spoken remarks, at least subtly perhaps revealing to the world that she has a better appreciation for other countries and cultures.  When the president called many nations in Africa “shithole countries,” Mrs. Trump praised Africans for “their rich culture.”  Yesterday, when the President of Nigeria made a state visit, Mrs. Trump reportedly demanded to be in the Oval Office for the photo op.  She plans on visiting Africa later this year — without her husband.

Bruni writes:

“Other first ladies beautified highways, promoted reading, planted squash.  This one could abbreviate a nightmare. She’s in a situation that her predecessors weren’t, on the arm of an overlord who needs undermining, and it’s her invitation to greatness, or at least her prompt for an itinerary tailored to taunt.”

Clearly, the trolling and hand-swatting won’t be enough.  The president is way beyond the capacity to feel humility or shame, even when it’s dished out by his wife.  However, she may have more cards left to play in luding what might be the ultimate Trump card.

Assuming the Trump Presidency survives to run for re-election in 2020, Mrs. Trump might wield the real veto power.  She’s obviously unhappy in the confining role as First Lady.  Based on many credible leaks from insiders and what we’ve seen so far, one could reasonably speculate she won’t go along with this life, and him in it, for another four years.  I’m still not convinced Trump will even run for re-election.  A strong case can be made that Trump might simply declare victory and then walk away after his term is completed, leaving Mike Pence as the hair-apparent.

Indeed, the threat of divorce could be a powerful weapon.  Threatening to expose Trump could be a tipping point.  Imagine a “tell-all” book written by Melania Trump following a bitter breakup.  It would be an instant smash best-seller.  Talk about the ultimate act of revenge.

Many of us haven’t regarded Mrs. Trump highly, nor taken her very seriously.  For sure, she’s no victim.  She’s reaped what she’s sewn.  After all, she married him.  Still, some people do grow.  Some people evolve.  Some people, through their personal experiences, gain greater perspectives on complex issues that impact the lives of others.  Some people rise to the occasion.  History is filled with examples of ordinary people who matured and ended up altering the course of human events.

Wouldn’t it be ironic for the disaster that has been the Trump Presidency to be taken down by the ultimate insider — an immigrant?  Maybe it’s Melania who becomes the Trump who “Makes America Great Again.”

Sometimes pleasant surprises are to be found where and when we least expect them.




  1. She’s reaped what she’s SOWN.”

    How do you get to be a writer without mastering basic vocabulary?
    And I don’t believe she speaks five languages. Proof?

    Otherwise, most optimistic article I’ve read today. From your lips to god’s ears.

  2. I was giving him license for hair-apparent, but sewn also got my attention. Unfortunately, my computer’s features are likewise determined to make me appear as illiterate as Trump himself. All the same, missing them on a last proofread before publishing, not correcting it later, and not having an editor catch such errors is a felony to grammar nazis. The point of any communication, though, is to be understood, and that goal was achieved. Let us hope that he is more careful in the future, as children do learn by example. Meanwhile, be grateful that your examples came before such automation.

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