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Posted by on Nov 4, 2014 in Blog, Politics | 9 comments

Congratulations America


Senate Republicans Address The Press After Weekly Policy Luncheon


Congratulations America.  Insert tinge of sarcasm.

Here’s the Senate Majority you elected tonight by giving Republicans control of the United States Senate.  Nice job!  More sarcasm.

Get used to looking at this face.  Get used to having his far-right Bible-thumping agenda shoved down your throat while you gag on a $7.25 minimum wage and coal dust from a mine no longer regulated by OSHA.  Get used to more political obstructionism, more religious-based fundamentalism, more false flag-waving patriotism, more bombings and war industry profits, and more corporate-driven legislation that favors the banks, big business, energy companies, the insurance industry, and all the other demons of the American working class.

Well done!

Despite the lowest unemployment rate in 6 years, the national deficit reduced by two-thirds, more Americans with medical coverage than ever before, low inflation, and the winding down of two disastrous wars — you rewarded the rich and powerful and those who are determined to destroy the working class.

As the saying foes, “Every nation has the government it deserves.”


  1. National debt reduced by two thirds? Thru the end of 2013 he added over $6 trillion. TRILLION.

    I understand that you’re upset the dems got creamed today, but don’t go making up silly things like that.

    • “How to make a small fortune? Start with a large one.”

      The same applies to the presidents deficit reduction. He produced 4 consecutive years of deficits in excess of $1T each (a number that had never before been reached by any president although it is reasonable to attribute a fair share of the first of those to president Bush).

      The 2013 deficit of “only” $759M is still higher than any deficit of any president ever. Even in 1943 during WWII the deficit was only $737M …… in current dollars.

      The national debt is outrageous. He (President Obama) didn’t create it all by himself but the it will almost certainly DOUBLE to over $20T before he leaves office (currently almost $18T).

  2. Obama has bombed 7 Muslim countries and he spends more on war than Bush. He is a war pig. Income inequality is at the worst levels since the 1920’s, the stock market is at an all time high, no wall street criminals have gone to jail (Obama defends them). There is no difference between the two War Pig Parties.

    Democrats and Republicans are the same party. You should know this.

    Low inflation??? You mean the destruction of Savers everywhere. The Feds ZIRP policy is despicable. Stick to poker, you are obviously clueless when it comes to what is happening in America.

    • Love your work Nolan but you’re way off. This GOP victory will have no meaningful effect. It won’t get any better but it won’t get any worse. When given the opportunity to grant us the freedom our constitution guarantees, the democrat party, who apparently champions our freedom more then the republicans, DESTROYED our beloved game of poker and has only done more to strip us of our rights. Perhaps phantom budget deficit reductions, “Free” Healthcare, part time jobs with no benefits, and artificially low inflation weren’t enough to overshadow the fact that hard working free Americans are sick of getting fucked in the ass at every turn by our muslim socialist war mongering government who has done everything they possibly could to completely strip us off everything this country stands for. I’m not saying anything will get better with the GOP, we’re just re-branding the ass fucking of the average American with and “R” instead of a “D”

      All yesterday’s election did was reward the rich and powerful Republicans who are determined to destroy the working class and punished the rich and powerful Democrats who are determined to destroy the working class.

  3. Nolan, I have nothing more to say than what you said already.

    To the rest of the people that commented- Do you even know Nolan or what he did prior to entering the poker world? I’m pretty sure he has a tighter grasp on understanding government and politics than the rest of you.

  4. If you think McConnell is “far right wing,” then either (1) you mean something very different by that term than everybody else, or (2) you haven’t been paying attention to him for the last, oh, 30 years or so. McConnell pays lip service to being a conservative every 6th year, when he’s up for reelection, and that’s the end of it.

  5. Obama took over an inflation rate of zero.He ended no wars,He’s as much of a war hawk as anyone.He spent more in his first 5 years as all the other presidents before him.Every ghetto in America is controlled by democrats.Your stupid economic theories have never worked and failed everywhere used,for instance Deteoit.You might be the biggest idiot ever.

    • Nolan Replies:

      QUOTE: “Your stupid economic theories have never worked and failed everywhere used.”

      Apparently, most of the countries with the world’s highest standards of living, such as Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Canada, Switzerland, and other countries where multiple facets of democratic socialism are practiced, does not exist in your mysterious universe.

      — Nolan

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