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Posted by on Oct 20, 2012 in Blog, Politics | 3 comments

Mitt Romney’s Binder Problem

mitt romney's binders


We’re having a field day with this.  It’s a Liberal’s laugh-a-thon.  A three-ring binder circus.

Mitt Romney’s “Women in binders” comment is quite possibly the most memorable tagline of the 2012 Presidential Election.  It’s right up there with golden gems of the past.  Recall — “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice….” “You’re no Jack Kennedy,” and “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?”

Apparently, Mitt Romney’s management style pretty much comes down to two things — balance sheets and binders.  If it’s profitable, go for it.  If it’s unprofitable, eliminate it.  But there’s a lot more to what I will term “Bindergate.”

Here’s a closer look at the files:

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Meet “The Duckman”


Here’s a great feel-good story.  The video clip comes from ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

The short clip shows a Seattle banker named Joel Armstrong who was concerned about a nest of baby ducklings, who were trapped ooutside on the ledge of his building.  I’ll let you watch and enjoy the rest.


— Nolan

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My Great Privilege — Meeting a World War II Veteran

American Veteran Photo


In few more years, they’ll all be gone.

Every one of them.

The millions who marched on foot across a continent and who sailed the high seas some 70 years ago are slowly but surely leaving us.  They pass away at the rate of thousands per year, which will gradually come to a few hundred, and then to a trickle.  In another decade or so, they will be no more.

They are what has been called “the Greatest Generation.”

When times were the toughest, they endured it.  When duty called and the bell of national service rang, they answered it.  When our way of life and liberty was at stake, they defended it.  And when it was all over and some came home, they honored and remembered those who didn’t.

They are our heroes.

Indeed, most aren’t young anymore.  Most have seen and suffered far more than any human should endure.  They don’t play on sports fields.  They aren’t moviestars.  They aren’t rich or famous.  But they are far more special than any of those superficial icons with fleeting illusions of accomplishment.  They are the survivors and the victors of the last century’s most trying test.  They are the champions.  The champions of the world.

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Can the American people bring the spirit of liberty back in its place, or should they allow for it to be castrated by the orange hands of a well-known villain?


Can the American people bring the spirit of liberty back in its place, or should they allow for it to be castrated by the orange hands of a well-known villain?

You could say that America is in a very rough place right now, seeing as the president is not only unreasonable as it seems…but that disgusting face of his doesn’t make things easier for all the people who are forced to look at his face on a daily basis. Americans said that no one should talk about the things that the state can do for you, but rather, you should talk about the things that you can do for the state. To be quite honest, not many folks can understand this principle, and while this was obviously supposed to be some sort of libertarian “don’t tread on me” mantra…it puts you off. This is the type of mantra that gets thrown around if you even consider talking about single-payer healthcare that’s supposed to help people not die from preventable diseases, or even if you’re brave enough to talk about raising the minimum wage. It seems that Americans are the only people out there who believe that healthcare should not be something that only some people can afford…after all, literally the entire world has this problem sorted out, but the states just can’t get it right. If we turn the mantra mentioned beforehand upside-down and assume that the state is willing to do something for us…do we even want it to help us out?

In a better scenario, indeed, a push every now and then is a great thing, but from an administration like this…well, you can’t really expect anything, nor should you. The White House is inhabited by a literal lunatic who wants to go to war with Iran and wanted to start some serious beef with North Korea, too. This man wanted to push Americans so far that they would have to accept the fact that some people in their country were being rounded up in cages and separated from their children. This man pulled the American troops out of Syria, and of course, now he abandons the Kurds and allows the Turks to step all over them. There is just so much blood on this dude’s hands, it’s absolutely insane. It’s pretty hard to top the things that Bush did back in the day (let’s just mention him briefly since it seems that he is in the spotlight at the moment because of the entire Ellen situation), but it seems that this Cheetos puff person truly has the potential to cause even more harm than the old crusader did. At this point, it is finally time that Americans start questioning the fuck out of their government. The gun-toting republicans talk about overthrowing the govt if they mess around with we, the people.

So, why do they sit idly and even defend old Donny? Is this not the time for them to step up and turn up the heat? Americans seem to have lost that spirit of liberty that they keep talking about on and on, and that’s insanely demoralizing if you think about it. It is finally time for the USA to wake up and fix itself from the inside out?

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