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Posted by on May 16, 2023 in Blog, Essays, Politics | 0 comments

Bull(sh*t) Durham



Has any major presidential candidate — let alone a president — ever been tied so closely to any nation like Trump is with Russia?

So, a Trump stooge-special counsel named John Burham has concluded the FBI had “no basis to investigate” traitor Trump’s treasonous and criminal political and business associations. Big surprise. The hack delivers.

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Gee, why would the FBI even have any inkling of a suspicion that Trump was (and *is* — yes because it’s obvious he is) a Russian asset? Well, let’s take a look at the facts.

Did Trump have *any* dubious Russian connections? You decide:

— His own handpicked campaign manager (Paul Manafort), a convicted felon, was indebted to Russian organized crime figures….. And, he was also paid $17 million in illegal foreign nondisclosed income. Name any campaign manager in history for a presidential candidate with such a dirty personal track record of foreign conflicts. Only Manafort, Trump’s number one campaign official from the moment he announced his candidacy. Trump’s reaction to the embarrassment? Crickets.

— 17 American law enforcement agencies all independently came to the same conclusion during the 2016 presidential campaign that Russian counterintelligence was actively working on Trump’s behalf to buy social media time and placements. Many of those memes you saw on far-Right wing websites were crafted in social media counterintelligence mills but you’re actually disinformation factories (the Russians have a history of being masters at this) all paid for by the Russian government. This is all a matter of fact. Trump and his pro-Republican PACs relished in the underhanded relationship and benefited from the illegality a foreign power meddling in an American election. Of course, the dirt dumb Trumpsters out there millions who repeatedly shared these cleverly targeted memes on their Facebook pages and everywhere else ended up tipping the scales in a close election, with their lies crafted in Russia. Yes, this extra push and a few extra votes in key States have actually determined the outcome in a close race — and elected Trump as president.

— Trump himself, with all of his shady business dealings, the six-time bankrupted loser who couldn’t get financed by any major financial institution in the United States had to go to the shadiest international money hacks. Of course, foreign governments and financial powers know very well how gullible the orange idiot is and how cheaply he sells himself. He still has monumental conflicts of interest with foreign banks to this day, including Russian financiers, which apparently put their claws into the Deutsche Bank loans for hundreds of millions. Naturally, Trump ended up defaulting on most of those loans as he screwballed the American public with outlandish claims he was worth $10 billion. Big surprise.

— Trump brazenly indicted himself as a criminal. He openly solicited in a public speech for Russian intelligence to find Hillary Clinton’s so-called “missing emails.” This outrageous violation of America’s election laws and national security was/is undoubtedly a crime and made/makes him grotesquely unsuitable for trust or public office. I mean, what kind of major presidential candidate asks a hostile nation to go after his political opponent in a public speech? Only Trump, and with the Russians. This is yet another reason why the FBI had legitimate concerns about Trump.

— Later, during his tainted presidency, Trump would be Putin’s little bitch boy on the world stage in every international conflict. Even started against many proud men and women in America’s military and intelligence services who dedicate their lives to questions about foreign threats and sided with a brutal war criminal dictator in front of the entire world. Name a single issue where Trump stood up or opposed a Putin initiative? You can’t. Trump was a Russian asset then, and is a Russian asset now.

— Oh, and remember that preposterous secretive face-to-face meeting in Oslo between Trump and Putin where the President of the United States threw out his own translator because he wanted to speak with Putin (who did use a Russian translator by the way) in private and in secret for many American eyes or ears? Gee, I wonder what they talked about?

Oh, and here are 18 more reasons Trump (is) a Russian asset:  Here are 18 reasons Trump could be a Russian asset.

The bottom line is this: Has any major presidential candidate, let alone president, ever been tied to any nation like Trump with Russia?


Bull(shit) Durham, a handpicked Trump apologist, ass-kisser now releases a bogus report FOUR years after he was whored out by the previous administration. It’s no surprise that the wacko Right media father gullible sucker sycophants, after being beat up for so long on so many counts for so much is desperate for any news that can erase the shit stains on their hero. It won’t work. Anyone who’s been paying attention knows Trump is dirty as dirt. Is a Russian asset then. He is a Russian asset now.

Fact: If you or I or anyone else, especially working in government in a position of authority, had even *one* of these stains on his or her record, they would be investigated by the FBI and presumably other law enforcement agencies in a heartbeat!

Whether or not any of these astounding and outrageous acts resulted in indictments or impeachments or a stain on Trump himself is immaterial. The *evidence* as to justifying a federal investigation of Trump was and is OVERWHELMING.

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