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Posted by on Aug 11, 2021 in Blog, Video 1 | 0 comments

Blank Spots



Yeah, call me a tree hugger.  Beats the hell out of being a corporate pirate destroying the planet.  I think we need more tree huggers.  Lot’s more.


“The mindset of seeing nature as a limitless provider blinds us to our role in its degradation. Our modern concerns and distractions, as well as our myopic locally-focused vision, prevent us from seeing the uninterrupted loss of the land just beyond the horizon.”

Although I consider myself a conservationist and environmentalist, I never thought much about what’s called the “blank spot.” This refers to vast areas of land, mostly undeveloped — though no land in the continental USA is truly left alone and isn’t under threat by some corporation or plunderer of its precious resources.

We grossly underestimate our horrific impact on the planet. We fail to appreciate the ESSENTIAL need for virgin lands to be left to their own ecologies, without humankind’s exploitative ruin. This doesn’t even take into account climate change, which threatens all of these once pristine forests, mountains, lakeshores, valleys, and even deserts.

This short 20-minute documentary is wonderfully made and expertly narrated by Peter Coyote. It’s well worth your time. It hopefully will be an eye-opening revelation as to the dangers we face, as a species and a planet, by continuing to plunder the places which will eventually exact their revenge in the most catastrophic way imaginable.

We MUST protect open space. We must fight to preserve blank spots. Otherwise, there is no future.

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