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Posted by on Jul 31, 2013 in Blog, General Poker | 6 comments

Announcing: Open Casting Call for Poker Night in America





“Poker Night in America” Television Series Announces Open Casting Call for Players at Turning Stone Casino, New York — August 9-12, 2013

Here’s the deal.

“Poker Night in America” is a new television program and an entirely new series concept set to enter production at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY next week.  The main event ($1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em) is the Empire State Poker Classic, which takes place August 9-12, 2013.  There’s a guaranteed $500,000 prize pool.  The final table will be televised as part of Poker Night in America.

Yet Poker Night in America isn’t really a show about poker.  It’s a show about people.

We’re flying a Gulfstream jet filled with poker players (and possibly you) from Las Vegas to Upstate New York.  We will be filming what goes on around the clock.  Listen up — you won’t see the usual poker coverage that’s pretty much dominated the way the game has been portrayed over the last decade.  This is just as much a show about the chaos that goes on behind the scenes, at the bars, in the restaurants, out on the golf course, getting there, leaving there, and all the ups and downs and fun and games that take place during a major poker event.  There’s actually much more to it than this, but that’s all we’ll say for now.  If this all sounds interesting, then great.  If it turns into a disaster, well that’s okay too.  We’re going to be there to film it.

Here’s where you possibly come in.

We’ve already selected a dozen poker pros, including many names you will recognize.  But we’re looking for some wild cards in this deck of jokers.

Today, we are looking for a few additional players — more characters — for our new show.  If you’re interesting, outgoing, and like to have fun, then we’re interested in you.  If you wear sunglasses and headphones, and sit in silence, then forget it.  We don’t want you on our show.  Poker has enough of that dullness already.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, then send us anything you like — a paragraph, a resume, a video (anything you want) which explains why you should be featured on Poker Night in America.

If chosen, starting next Thursday you will board a Gulfstream jet with a dozen poker pros and fly from Las Vegas to Upstate New York.  You will be featured on television.  You will be invited to play in a private “for TV” cash game.

Oh, and here’s the catch.  There’s always a catch, right?  You must be willing to buy into the cash game (No-Limit Hold’em with blind levels at $25-50) with your own money.  The buy-in ranges from $5,000 (minimum) to $20,000 (maximum).  We’ll leave that up to you.  The point is — this isn’t a free ride.  You’ve got to commit to playing.

We’re looking for interesting poker players, who love the game, and who want to play — both cash and in the tournament.  We’re convinced there are many interesting characters out there who deserve a shot to be on television, and this is it.

If interested, send us what you’ve got.  We’ll accept “applications” over the next 72 hours.  Ultimately, the final decision will be made by Todd Anderson, Andy Rich, and myself.

Send directly to Andy Rich:

Once again, what you get includes — private jet transportation, four paid nights accommodation at the Turning Stone Casino, and a spot on television in exchange for sitting in the TV cash game.

That’s it.

Depending upon what we receive and who’s interested, the number of open spots is yet undetermined.  We will contact the winner(s) directly, once the final selections have been made.

Finally, for those who live close to the Turning Stone Casino, we hope to see you next weekend at the Empire State Poker Classic.

For more information, please visit the official Facebook page for POKER NIGHT IN AMERICA.


  1. I’ll be at TS this weekend by sheer coincidence, and I can’t wait to check out the action. This new show looks very promising and I hope it takes off and succeeds. Best of luck to all involved!

  2. I’m very interested – ” very very “

  3. I would play 25/50 and I like to have fun. The main problem is that my definition of fun is eating grass-fed meat and organic vegetables, going to wrestling and boxing practice and spending the rest of my day sleeping. Not sure if America needs to see that.

  4. Hey Nolan. Did you lose my phone number or what?


  5. Hello Nolan1 how u doing young man? I am interested in being a cast member of your Reality TV Show Theme-Poker. I did send and email to you all. thanks. Bruce Le

  6. Really?

    This could be my one big shot.

    Ditch the Gulfstream… Pay me.

    I’ll drive… I know the route well.

    Get with me if your serious.

    Big Daddy hugs n high fives.


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