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Posted by on Jul 26, 2023 in Blog | 1 comment

An Open Letter to Hunter Biden




Dear Mr. Biden:

You are a piece of shit. Admit it. Plead guilty to your crimes. Accept your punishment. And then, please do your father, your family, and the country a huge favor — go away. Just disappear.

You, Sir, were born with every conceivable advantage in life. You had it all. A first-class education. Wealth. Privilege. Access to power. You weren’t born on third base, kid. You were born sliding into home plate. But you missed the target. You couldn’t even get it right when everything was easy.

You are being sentenced today in a federal court. We’re told there’s a plea deal. Then, your lawyer balked at the deal that would have ended this (for now) and it looks like you will drag it out and cause further embarrassment to yourself, your father, and your family. Let me put it another way — there’s no way you are getting *a good deal.* Getting a good deal looks bad. It REALLY looks bad for your father. if you really care about him (and his presidency), that’s the last thing you should want. In fact, you should want a harsh sentence because it silences the issue. Accept the deal, whatever it may be.

You’re a walking, talking scumbag of scandals. Guns? Cocaine? Tax evasion? Good grief, kid. Oh, and then there’s the dirty deal you did with some corrupt oil company. You spawned a kid out of wedlock and then disavow responsibility. And, you banged your dead brother’s wife. Holy shit. man. You are a lowlife. Accept the deal, whatever it may be.

These are perilous times in America. The future of our nation could tip with just a few votes here and there in a couple of states in the next presidential election. Your father isn’t FDR, but he’s the only firewall we’ve got right now against a dangerous extremism and authoritarianism that’s unprecedented in this nation’s history. Your waffling in court, your dragging this thing out, your obvious criminal activity, your gargantuan stupidity, your lying, and your corruption are deeply DOING DAMAGE to the people around you. And this places us all at risk. Accept the deal, whatever it may be.

I beg of you. Plead guilty. Take the deal you are offered. Then, quietly go away, get out of the public eye, and shut the fuck up.

You, Sir, are an embarrassment. But you have one final chance to do the right thing.

Accept the deal, whatever it may be.


— ND

1 Comment

  1. Wow Mr. Dalla, for once, when writing on a subject of political substance, you finally speak the truth. Right up, anyway to the part about “dangerous extremism and authoritarianism.” But what can we expect from someone who identifies as a Socialist? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    And why, all the foul language? There’s nothing, necessary nor profound about your constant use of it. But it is cheap… and it’s easy.

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