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Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in Blog, Essays, Politics | 1 comment

An American First: Protestants No Longer a Majority



Here’s a multiple choice question — Pick the only one of the four candidates on this year’s presidential ticket who is a Protestant:

A. Paul Ryan

B. Mitt Romney

C. Joe Biden

D. Barack Obama

If you guessed “D,” Barack Obama — you got it right.

Yet irony of all ironies, the man often accused of being a Muslim by millions of Protestant fanatics is, in fact, one of their own.  He’s the only one of the four candidates in this year’s race who professes to be a Protestant.  Romney, of course, is Mormon.  Ryan and Biden are both Catholics.

Not that this will matter.  This year, Protestants will vote in overwhelming numbers for Romney and Ryan – which are more inclined to be “anti-Obama” votes than a genuine show of enthusiasm for their own ticket.  Fortunately, those numbers are continuing to show a steady decline as more and more Americans sever their lives being tethered to a fairy tale.

The most recent poll results of religion and politics in America reveals some encouraging news.  For the first time since this nation was founded in 1776, fewer than half of the population identifies themselves as Protestants.  Think about that for a moment, and consider the ramifications – which we’ll get to in a minute.

What’s most encouraging here is the correlated rise in numbers of citizens who profess to follow no religion at all.  Over the past four years, this segment of the population has risen from 17 percent up to 24 percent.  So, one-quarter of Americans are essentially saying they have no religious beliefs whatsoever (I’m convinced this number is actually much higher, which I’ve discussed in this pervious article.  Read:  THE DAWN OF ENLIGHTENMENT AND THE DUSK OF SUPERSTITION).

This is bad news for the conservative movement in America and the Republican Party, in particular.  Since the “No Religion” segment tends to vote overwhelmingly Democrat, and this group is on a clear upward tick, a Republican Party largely chained Bible-thumping Sunday School values is going to continue to alienate mainstream voters and potential converts.  Winning the allegiance of Protestants is quite simply not enough to win elections on a national scale anymore.  Alas, the late Jerry Falwell’s vision of a “Moral Majority” is now dead.

Indeed, the Moral Majority was never moral nor a majority.  Fact is — most Americans approve of the things that religious forces vehemently fight against.  Americans enjoy drinking.  Americans enjoy gambling.  Americans enjoy laughing at R-rated jokes.  In short, Americans don’t like being told what to do – whether in the form of Big Brother government or some illusory Sky Daddy god.

There’s no other way to interpret this data other than to acknowledge that — in the long run — this favors candidates who are liberal or moderate, especially on social issues.  While conservatives will contiue to exercise a stranglehold on candidates and elections in some regions of the country, the national trend is unmistakable.  With one-quarter of all Americans self-identifying as secularlists, and that number rising, candidates will gradually be forced to tailor their messaging away from misleading folkloric fantasies having to do with god and all the ugly trappings asscociated with religion’s incessant repression of free thought and individual free will.

And so as of 2012 — the scoreboard reads:  FAIRY TALE BELIEVERS — 48…..REALISTS — 24

Make no mistake.  We’re still behind.  We still have a long way to go.

But we are catching up.  And two things are on our side — time and the truth.


1 Comment

  1. Very simple explaination for this trend. In the past the church was the only institution that gave out freebies. In the modern world the welfare state has taken over that role thus less people are religious. I’m not saying this is good or bad, it just is. It does however lead me to two questions.

    Is there an example of a welfare state that does not go broke?

    If not, why go down that path?

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