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Posted by on Aug 19, 2023 in Blog | 2 comments

A Pre-Review of the New Billy Walters’ Book



“I just want to know how a simple Kentucky boy overcame a million-to-one odds and made it as a Las Vegas gambler.”

This video is excellent. And frankly, I’m surprised.


The media usually gets it wrong about sports gambling (and gamblers). So much of mainstream reporting on gambling is cringeworthy. But here’s one of the best short exposes I’ve seen which was unexpected because there’s so much misinformation and hype out there polluting the waters of truth, and this interview appears to shoot straight on target.

I also have some issues with Billy Walters, who released a new book on his life as a gambler. I won’t get into them here, but I will keep an open mind when I ultimately read (AND WRITE A REVIEW) of the new Walter’s book, “Gambler: Secrets of a Life at Risk.”

One thing that does fry my ass in the promotion of this book, including reports I’ve already seen and read is the voyeuristic curiosity about his link to Phil Mickelson. No, I will not insert links to the trashy hype.  Honestly, I don’t care. Billy Walters has gambled TEN TIMES the amount of anyone you and I know, and within gambling circles, he’s the story. So, Mickelson reportedly lost $100 million? I don’t give a fuck. I do not care. I just want to know how a simple Kentucky boy overcame a million-to-one odds and made it as a Las Vegas gambler and was somehow smarter inside the sportsbook than anyone else–dead or alive. THAT’S the real story. That’s the story I want to read and the lessons I hopefully can learn.

I’ll be reviewing this book once I read it and digest it’s contents. I was reluctant to even order it for many reasons, especially given some (perhaps unfounded) suspicions this was Walter’s attempt to scrub his image clean and use celebrities as attention fodder. If there’s some real grit and grain here, I’ll harvest it and convey that perspective.

Anyway, this video is well worth 8 minutes of your time if you are a sports gambler and want to know more about a legend.


  1. Time for your review and I look forward to reading it. I thought the book was excellent, but I believed everything he wrote. I might post my own review on the BARGE list.

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