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Posted by on Dec 4, 2020 in Blog, Sports Betting | 2 comments

2020 NFL Picks: My Final Thoughts



My final post of the 2020 NFL regular season, which explains why I’m taking a break after having 7 out of 9 winning seasons making pro football picks each week.



I’m done.

Way too much work.  Oh, sure.  I’m going to keep on capping the games.  And, I’ll keep betting on my own and with one syndicate I manage.  But I’m finished writing and posting for the season.

Hence, this moment will officially mark SEVEN out of NINE winning seasons.  Let that sink in.  2020:  Finished 27 games over .500.  Finished up 29 percent on bankroll for the season.  All free picks.  Always posted in advance.  And that’s after being in the hole during the first part of the season.

Show me any gambling site anywhere with these numbers.


Show me!

Even a handicapping paysite would salivate for these percentages.  SIXTY percent winners on 161 plays?  Find me a link that has this rate of return.  Post the link.  Share it, because I want to see it.  Fact:  No one has posted these numbers anywhere over this length of time.

I’ve watched the traffic here and NFL bettors don’t seem interested in honest results, as before.  That’s fine.  So, do your own thing.  I got better ways to spend my afternoons.

Seems most bettors out there are far more interested in reading news stories about dumb rich guys making “whale” bets at sportsbooks (which mean absolutely nothing) or watching people on TV or YouTube that no one has ever heard of who fail to track their results and have zero histories as credible sports handicappers.  That’s what sports handicapping on social media has turned into — a show and a circus.  Well, go follow those people on Twitter.  I’m not going to try and compete with that anymore.

Thanks to those of you who have been around and stuck it out with me, this season, and during the many years I’ve been doing this.

I’m done.



Wins — Losses — Pushes     94 — 67 — 2

Starting Bankroll:     $10,000.

Current Bankroll:     $12,906.

Best Bets:     5 — 7 — 0 (- $1,175.)

Last Week’s Results:     + $1,065.






  1. Man,that sucks.. But Thanks for all the years of picks.. Sad not to read the write ups..looked fwd to them as i did this email…Was hoping to see the Picks…Ok Nolan Thanks for all the work you did for are rolling baby! man….all good thing’s come to a end and suddenly to..ala Life. NY mk.

  2. Thanks for your efforts. You have every right to be proud of performing what is really and truly a daunting task. Best of luck in the future.


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