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Posted by on Dec 24, 2016 in Blog, Essays | 1 comment

2016 NFL Regular Season: Week #16




Thanks to Dr. Arthur Reber for his fine article this past week on the pros and cons of betting the NFL teaser wheel.  Read his excellent analysis of my invention HERE.

Last week, the teaser wheel produced a solid profit going 16 wins and 4 losses for a net win of $2,240.  With two weeks remaining in the regular season, there’s still time to make a few more bucks with the system for a nice holiday stocking stuffer.

This week, I’m wheeling the Pittsburgh Steelers (from -6 teased down to pick ’em) playing at home against Baltimore in one of the NFL’s best rivalry games.  Pittsburgh is a much better team at home and usually wins when it needs to, although this matchup has produced lots of close games.  Meanwhile, Baltimore has lost four straight on the road.  Their two road wins this season were ugly victories against two of the world teams in the league — at Cleveland (where they trailed 20-0 at one point) and at Jacksonville (an eventual 19-17 victory).  Pittsburgh appears to be playing into playoff mode whereas Baltimore is still a step behind and a bit inconsistent.  The Steelers’ running game gives them a decisive advantage and I expect that to be the key.

Actually, the Steelers play tomorrow (Christmas Day).  However, most of the remaining games will take place today.  We are laying $110 to win $100 on each of these wagers:

Pittsburgh (pick ’em) with Chicago +9

Pittsburgh (pick ’em) with Miami +10.5

Pittsburgh (pick ’em) with Tampa Bay +10 (laying -120 to buy +6.5)

Pittsburgh (pick ’em) with Carolina +9

Pittsburgh (pick ’em) with Cleveland +10.5

Pittsburgh (pick ’em) with Indianapolis +10

Pittsburgh (pick ’em) with Seattle -1.5

Pittsburgh (pick ’em) with Arizona +14.5

Pittsburgh (pick ’em) with Cincinnati +8

Pittsburgh (pick ’em) with Dallas -1

Pittsburgh (pick ’em) with Detroit +13

Let’s roll Steelers!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!





NET GAIN/LOSS:   + $1,584

LAST WEEK:  (16-4)  + $2,240.



Last week’s results:

ATL -7 with TB +13.5 — W

ATL -7 with DAL – (half point) — W

ATL -7 with DET +11 — W

ATL -7 with BAL +1.5 — W

ATL -7 with PHIL +11.5 — W

ATL -7 with GB +2 — W

ATL -7 with CHI +12 — W

ATL -7 with MIN +1.5 — L

ATL -7 with INDY +11.5 — W

ATL -7 with BUF -4 — W

ATL -7 with CLEV +17 — L

ATL -7 with KC (pick)– W

ATL -7 with TENN +13– W

ATL -7 with JAX +10.5 — W

ATL -7 with NOR +9.5 — W

ATL -7 with DEN +9.5– L

ATL -7 with SDI +9 — W

ATL -7 with CINCY +9.5 — W

ATL -7 with WASH (pick) — L

ATL -7 with CAR +13 — W



1 Comment

  1. Only 1 wipeout week for me since I started using the wheel. I pick my own hub. This week Redskins +3. Bears are barely a step above the Browns.

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