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Posted by on Jun 15, 2022 in Essays, Politics, What's Left | 0 comments

What are Republican Governors Doing About High Gas Prices?



If you’re going to blame the guy in the White House, you better blame the guy in the Governor’s Mansion, too.


Nothing!  So, blame them!

I get it.  You’re pissed off about rising gas prices.  You want to blame someone.  Somebody needs to take the fall.  And you think your leaders are responsible for pricing.  Fine.  I do get it.

Then, please do something about it!  Vote all those Republican governors, and their lapdog state legislatures also controlled by Republicans OUT OF OFFICE.  Wipe the slate clean.  You want to be consistent in your outrage about high gas prices, right?



The great oil-producing state of Texas is dominated by Republicans —– The governor. The lieutenant governor. The senate. The House of Representatives —– all Republicans.

Guess what: In Texas, state gasoline taxes are HIGHER than federal gasoline taxes. This is true for unleaded gasoline. This is true for diesel fuel.  This is true for jet fuel.

Fact:  The STATE OF TEXAS takes more money out of the pockets of Texans than the federal government.

Huh?  Where’s the meme on that?  Where’s the meme with Greg Abbott’s face or Ron DeSantis’ face on the gas pump?

Now, let’s state the obvious: Texas Republicans are *chained* to oil money. Republicans are *dripping* in oil sludge.

  • Oil companies have TRIPLED their obscene profits in just the last year [READ:  The largest oil and gas producers made close to $100 billion in first quarter of 2022].
  • Oil companies are emptying out the wallets of working-class Texans (and everyone else) faster than the electronic ticker numbers at the gas pump can flash on the price gauge.
  • Oil companies cozy up to conservative Republicans because they are the thoroughly compromised and hopelessly corrupt primers of the pump.
  • Republicans control EVERY aspect of the localities where most oil is produced, from Alaska to Texas to Louisiana. Every single county. And they are making out like oil bandits, at our expense.

It’s all right here:

READ:  Gas Taxes by State in 2022



Seems pretty dumb to blame the guy in the White House who’s in charge of the government entity that actually takes LESS in taxes and likely has LESS influence on pricing than the leaders of your own state.

Hmm.  Maybe the problem with higher gas prices is — stick with me here — much closer to home. Maybe the problem is the person you see in the mirror each day re-electing the same old oil-industry fellating leaders like Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis and the rest of the Republicans who are puppets stringed to big oil.

If you’re going to blame President Biden, then you must blame Republican governors, too.


ADDENDUM: This article is admittedly facetious. Most governors don’t really have much influence on what determines the price of gas, though certainly, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott does.  Otherwise, why would he be getting so much campaign money from oil companies?

READ: Energy industry showers Gov. Greg Abbott, other Texas politicians with campaign cash.

Economics is complex.  Gas prices are determined by global influences. Presidents don’t have much, if any, impact on oil production and gasoline pump prices, except for the time when two years ago there was a president in office who insisted that Saudi Arabia slow down oil production, which contributed to this mess.

READ:  Trump told Saudi: Cut oil supply or lose U.S. military support 

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