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Posted by on Feb 15, 2021 in Blog, Movie Reviews, Video 1 | 0 comments

The Greatest Television Commercial Ever




A reunion may take the most unexpected turn in a way we least expect it.


Usually, around this time, I attend a showing of all the Oscar-nominated short films of that year held at a local movie theater.  It’s fantastic.  I’ve done this for the last five years or so, which means I’ve been fortunate to see many short movies that aren’t widely shown to mass audiences.  Some of these amazing films last only a few minutes.


My takeaway from this exposure is the recognition it’s a much tougher challenge to tell a story and make it compelling in just a few minutes of screen time.  Sure, a two-hour movie with a big budget has an unlimited range of possibilities.  But try and make the audience smile and cry in just 90 seconds.

What you’re about to see is likely to do precisely that.

The following short video was a public service announcement from Argentina released in 2015.  Please watch.  Even if you’ve seen this before, a reminder is always good.  I promise it’s well worth your time and will melt your heart as it melted mine.  The purpose of the ad campaign to create greater awareness comes as a surprise and is revealed at the conclusion.

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