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Posted by on Oct 24, 2014 in Blog, Las Vegas, Sports Betting | 7 comments

Unprofessional Service Yet Again at M Casino Sportsbook


M-Resort-Las Vegas


I usually let things slide.  Especially in the service industry.

It’s perfectly understandable that some people have a bad day.  Or, an employee has a personal issue and can’t fully concentrate on his job.  Occasionally, things just go wrong — and it’s best to simply let it go.

No more.  Not this time.

Once again, the M Casino Race and Sportsbook (Cantor Gaming) in Las Vegas provided yet more evidence that they’re quite possibly the most unprofessional staff in the entire city.  I’ve visited lots of Las Vegas sportsbooks over the years, so that’s really saying something.

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Posted by on Aug 31, 2014 in Blog, Personal, Sports Betting | 2 comments

Advisory: Rules and Guidelines for Trying to Reach Me During the NFL Season




September 1st means one thing — the start of football season.

This past weekend was my final free Sunday, at least until early February.  That’s five months from now.

From this point forward Sunday will no longer exist.  Most of my Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays will be tied up, too.  Plus my Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  So, if you need to reach me over the next five months via any modern communication device — be it by phone, text, e-mail, or social media — here are some explicit instructions for establishing contact.

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Posted by on Apr 30, 2014 in Blog, Personal, Sports Betting | 1 comment

Betting Billy Walters’ Baseball Picks


doyle-brunson and george-fisher

Doyle Bunson (sitting) with the late George Fisher (standing), at the 2000 World Series of Poker


“You don’t know what pressure is until you play for five bucks with only $2 in your pocket.” 

— Lee Trevino (Golfer)



Sometimes I get asked a simple question.

Do I “enjoy gambling?”

The answer’s complicated.

I no longer gamble as high or as frequently as I once did.  I used to gamble every day, year around.  During the busiest times of year, I often put $50,000 or more into action just in sports.  The most money I ever had riding on a single game was $39,000 (it lost).  But my average bet size over the years has consistently been more modest, ranging from $200 to $500 per wager (depending on my bankroll size and confidence level).

And the answer’s “yes” when I’m asked “have you ever gone broke sports betting?”  More than one time, “yes.”

There are many reasons for my declining interest in sports betting, including my own inclinations to focus on other things that I enjoy more and believe to be more self-fulfilling.  But perhaps the tipping point for me is that sports betting has become damn difficult to beat.  Sure, it can be done.  But it takes a ton of work.  And frankly, I’d rather be doing other things than spending 70 hours a week running back and forth between Las Vegas sportsbooks.

Been there.  Done that.

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Posted by on Feb 2, 2014 in Blog, Sports Betting | 2 comments

My Cat “Alex” Predicts the Super Bowl Winner




You know Alex.

He’s our 12-year-old ginger boy, adopted from a homeless shelter in Washington, D.C. when he was a kitten.  He’s the only cat in history to have played a hand of poker at the old Binion’s Horseshoe, which happened a few months before the place closed down.

Alex is retired now and living comfortably in Las Vegas.  He spends most of his life sleeping.

Lucky for us, Alex made some extra special time for us this morning.  He’s eager to help out all the busted gamblers out there who haven’t placed their bets yet on the Super Bowl.  Alex feels mighty generous, especially after a healthy dose of catnip.

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