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Posted by on Aug 6, 2013 in Blog, Las Vegas | 25 comments

Should You Give Money to Street Beggars?




One thing I’ve noticed about how things have changed here in Las Vegas during the past year of the COVID pandemic is the obvious decline in panhandling, especially at busy traffic intersections.

Before masks and protocols, street beggars could be seen everywhere.  Some street corners had panhandlers working in teams on both sides of the street.  Putting up at a red light subjected drivers to a parade of sad-looking souls.  In some cases, the needs were legitimate.  In others, the beggars were scammers.

If and when life gets back to “normal,” will panhandling return, and when it does, do you think it helps to give them money?

That question is the basis of today’s column, updated from a previous article that I posted years ago.

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