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Posted by on Nov 26, 2015 in Blog, Personal | 4 comments

Memories of Thanksgiving Day With the Dallas Cowboys at Texas Stadium


Texas Stadium Memories


Note:  This article was originally published three years ago, on Nov. 26, 2012.


Most people spend Thanksgiving Day with families gathered around the dinner table.

During the 1970’s, I spent most of my Thanksgiving days and nights at Texas Stadium, watching the Dallas Cowboys.  My mother and father (divorced since I was 2) both had season tickets for many years.  That meant I two options for seats.  So, I was lucky enough see just about every Dallas home game during the 1970’s, which were the glory years of greatness.  If you were a football fan, especially a teenager, I can’t imagine a better time or place or a better football team to cheer for than those great Dallas teams coached by legendary Tom Landry.

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Posted by on Aug 21, 2014 in Blog, Politics, Rants and Raves, What's Left | 1 comment

What Made Texas Go Politically Wacko?




I have a quick question.

What made the great State of Texas go so politically bat shit crazy?

Think about it.  Texas used to produce maverick politicians.  The nation’s second-most populous state gave our country real leaders who talked straight to us.  They worked with elected officials from other regions and even the opposing party to improve the quality of life for all Americans.

Once upon a time, Texas produced political greatness.

Now, the state has become a national laughingstalk.  But nothing is funny anymore.  The joke’s on us.

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Posted by on Jul 25, 2014 in Blog, Book Reviews, General Poker, Las Vegas, World Series of Poker | 4 comments

Book Review — Blood Aces: The Wild Ride of Benny Binion, the Texas Gangster who Created Vegas Poker




If the late Benny Binion’s life was ever to be made into a movie, now with Sam Peckinpah long gone, the rightful heir to what amounts to a biographical gold mine should fall to Quentin Tarentino.  If and when that movie does get made, let’s hope the masterful film director bases his first script on the new book written by Doug J. Swanson about the often comical and always curious life of the legendary casino patriarch who was loathed and feared by a few, but also widely respected and loved by far more.

Blood Aces:  The Wild Ride of Benny Binion, the Texas Gangster who Created Vegas Poker doesn’t necessarily cover much new territory, especially to those who already know of Binion’s shady past.  It simply tells the story far better and in much greater detail than any other available source.  Moreover, it places Binion into proper context among his peers, consisting mostly of gangsters and Mafia dons.  However, instead of a fedora, Binion always wore a cowboy hat.

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Posted by on Jul 24, 2014 in Blog, Rants and Raves, Travel | 3 comments

Rental Car Hell




I don’t fly on discount airlines and sleep in cheap hotels just to amuse you.  I reluctantly torture myself to save money for far more meaningful priorities — like booze and gambling (not necessarily in that order).

But each time I cut corners, something really bad seems to happen which makes me blow a fuse and I end up writing and ranting about it.

And so here I am.  My story begins two hot and sticky summer nights ago when I arrived in humidity-drenched Dallas at way past midnight, long after the rental car location was supposed to close.

Of course, my flight was late.  Which always seems to happen when you have somewhere to go and important people to meet.

Fortunately, Hertz Rent-a-Car did the right thing.  They left the light on for me.  Making a reservation does offer some guarantees.

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Posted by on Jul 22, 2014 in Blog | 1 comment

Have You Ever Had a Rental Car Fuck You?




Preface:  You are looking at the rental car that fucked me in the ass and left me immobile at 1:30 am on a Sunday night in Dallas in one of the shittiest parts of town.  Gee, thanks Hertz!



I want to help the environment.  Go green, and all that.

I really do.

Hell, I recently ditched my Cadillac and traded it in for a new Volvo.  If that doesn’t show a commitment to all that’s politically correct about liberalism, ditching the ultimate Republican power machine in favor of the socialist car of elitist baby boomers, then there’s only one more thing to do to re-validate my leftist membership card.

And that’s rent a Toyota Prius.

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