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Posted by on Nov 12, 2012 in Blog, Essays | 0 comments

58,278 Names Etched In Granite

Names on the Vietnam Memorial in Washingtoon


A visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC is an emotive experience.

One need not be a military veteran nor even an American citizen to recognize the immense power of this extraordinary artwork, which pays tribute to those a generation ago who went to a faraway land and never returned home alive.¬† It was our most tragic — and I might add senseless — military conflict.

I lived in Washington, DC for 12 years.¬† During that time, many friends and relatives visited what remains a mesmerizing city.¬† I always used those special occasions to travel around our capital, playing amateur guide to our nation’s most impressive monuments.¬† For me, each accompanying visit was a reminder.¬† A reinforcement of what patriotism really means.

The Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the Iwo Jima Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, the Jefferson Memorial and so many other attractions are powerful places to visit.¬† They should be seen by everyone.¬† In fact, I’ll go so far to say that every American has an obligation to make at least one trip to our nation’s capital to see and experience these sites firsthand.¬† I’m not even sure one can really call himself or herself a true American without having stood next to these structures which represent the very essence of our nation.

However, one memorial above all the rest deserved to be seen.¬† It moved me emotionally each and every time I visited — and always in a different way.¬† I must have touched the granite wall perhaps two dozen times.¬† Instead of becoming bored or indifferent to something I had laid eyes upon so many occasions before, each visit gave me a new perspective about our history, what personal sacrifice really means, and the value of life itself.

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My Great Privilege — Meeting a World War II Veteran

American Veteran Photo


In few more years, they’ll be gone.

Every one of them.

The millions who marched on foot across a continent and who sailed the high seas some 70 years ago are slowly but surely leaving us.  They pass away at the rate of thousands per year, which will gradually come to a few hundred, and then to a trickle.  In another decade or so, they will be no more.

They are what has been called “the Greatest Generation.”

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Thought for the Day: Throw Out All Immigrants?

The time has come to get rid of immigrants!

That’s right — throw them out!

Who do they think they are — taking over our country?

Millions of¬†foreign-looking people arrive on our shores without ever being invited.¬† They¬†hang¬†onto¬†their old customs.¬† They won’t speak our language.¬† They¬†refuse to¬†assimilate into our society.¬† They take over our neighborhoods.¬† They¬†steal our¬†jobs.

I don’t like what these new immigrants are doing to our nation.¬† Wherever they go, crime increases.¬† Wherever they live, filth and disease follows.¬†¬†They bring guns, drugs, and violence.

Sound familiar?

Oddly enough, these same toxic words could have written back in 1830 by someone else.

I wonder what this man would think about the issue of immigration in America:

American Indian Photo


This poster shows the face of an Indian chief railing against new immigrants.  I thought the poster was thought provoking, so I put my own twist on the issue.

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