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Posted by on Apr 10, 2016 in Blog, Book Reviews, Essays, Uncategorized | 7 comments

What’s the Toughest Sport for an Amateur to Compete In?


George playing with the Detroit Lions, Detroit, 1963. Football: Detroit Lions QB George Plimpton Credit: Walter Iooss Jr. SetNumber: X9402 079016940


In the fall of 1963, a mostly unknown journalist, writer, literary critic, and wanna-be professional athlete named George Plimpton walked into training camp with the NFL’s Detroit Lions.

Plimpton didn’t fit the mold of an athlete.  He was slow.  He was clumsy.  He was the oldest player on the team.  He arrived in camp as an undrafted 36-year-old “rookie” quarterback (he’d graduated from Harvard, 14 years earlier).  Although his lofty sights were set on getting into shape, completing drills with the team, learning the playbook, and suiting up to play in a preseason game, fact was — when he first stepped onto the football field he didn’t even know how to position his hands and take a snap from center.

Predictably, the results were disastrous.

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Elementary Common Sense 101 (An Empty Classroom in America)


Elementary Classroom



Elementary Common Sense 101 (An Empty Classroom in America)


Just about everywhere across America, a new school year is about to begin.  Now, seems like the perfect time for some reflection on what’s being taught, and what should be part of the curriculum.


Why does half the population not know how to get on and off an elevator?

Think about the last time you went up in a lift.  The doors suddenly open up and just as you attempt to walk out, some idiot is standing directly in front of the doors blocking your way.  Worse, occasionally these assclowns attempt to muscle their way onto the elevator even before you’ve had a chance to exit.  It pains me immensely to admit this situation is all too common just about everywhere — on shuttle buses, subways, trains, and just about anyplace people congregate in public.

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Desolation Angels: The Empty Churches of Ireland




Are we finally splintering off from the evil epoch of organized religion’s incontrovertible power over vast populations, on the verge of entering of a new age of reason?

This certainly appears to be the case in many the world’s most advanced cultures and countries, and no where is this metaphysical revolution more blatantly obvious at the moment than what’s happening within the Republic of Ireland (and Northern Ireland, too — although the casualty here is Protestantism).

Once one of the most fiercely loyal Catholic societies on the planet, Ireland is now changing before our eyes, certainly by the day, and almost by the minute with every new birth certificate being inked.  Each new birth currently means it’s more likely that child will not be part of what used to be called the traditional religious order.  So severe has been the decline of conventional practices of faith and the collective national trust in organized religion within Ireland, that a whopping 25 percent of all former practicing Catholics (from just a generation ago) have since abandoned the church.  Two things — (1) rampant indifference to organized religion and (2) secular humanism — have stepped in and filled the void.  READ MORE HERE [SOURCE: THE GUARDIAN]

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