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2020 NFL Analysis and Picks: Week #8





Wins — Losses — Pushes     40 — 43 — 2

Starting Bankroll:     $10,000.

Current Bankroll:     $8,006.

Best Bets:     3 — 4 — 0 (- $750.)

Last Week’s Results:     – $799.



NOTE:  The U.S. presidential election has kept me busy this past week, so write-ups are temporarily shelved in this report.  I’ve also postponed by video breakdown for now.  I’ll try to return to normality next week, assuming we have a clear decision.  Nonetheless, I’ve still made several wagers which are listed below.  



Detroit +3 (Game) vs. Indianapolis — Risking $230 to win $200

Las Vegas Team Total (First Half) OVER 12.5 — Risking $345 to win $300

Miami +3.5 (Game) vs. LA Rams — Risking $210 to win $200

Miami +3 (First Half) vs. LA Rams — Risking $480 to win $400

Miami Team Total (First Half) OVER 9.5 — Risking $270 to win $200

Pittsburgh +4 (Game) vs. Baltimore — Risking $210 to win $200

Pittsburgh +3 (First Half) vs. Baltimore — Risking $575 to win $500 (BB)

Pittsburgh Team Total (First Half) OVER 9.5 — Risking $280 to win $200

NY Jets +11.5 (First Half) vs. Kansas City — Risking $225 to win $200

NY Jets Team Total (Game) OVER 13.5 — Risking $280 to win $200

NY Jets Team Total (First Half) OVER 6.5 — Risking $280 to win $200

Chicago Team Total (First Half) OVER 9.5 — Risking $230 to win $200

NY Giants Team Total (First Half) OVER 8.5 — Risking $200 to win $230



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An Intelligent Conversation (Podcast): How Does the Media Impact Us?



Here’s our latest edition of the weekly podcast, “An Intelligent Conversation.”
A few topics we discuss include:
— Can we trust the media?
— Is the media fair-minded?
— Is the media biased?
— Which is better to be informed: print media or electronic media?
— Is social media a contributor or a distraction?
— How has media changed and how will it impact us in the future?
— Does the media have a responsibility to provide a public service, or are they like any other for-profit entity?
— What does a Biden win vs. a Trump re-election in 2020 mean for the media, and us, and seeking the truth?
0:05 – Intro
5:36 – Nolan’s first job in the media lasted only seven hours!
8:42 – Newspapers vs. other forms of media
13:15 – How has televised news evolved?
25:32 – Media has evolved into partisan cheerleaders
30:46 – Where’s the accountability for fake news?

34:12 – Walter Winchell and the history of American media as entertainment
45:57 – The peddling of misinformation
53:09– Has American media historically leaned conservative?
1:00:37 – What does it take to trust a particular news outlet?
1:09:01 – When was the last time you saw an American reporting live from a foreign country?
1:13:29 – Will the media remain the same after Trump leaves office?
1:17:53 – Can the public be convinced to consume news in a better way?
1:28:51 – What does the future hold for us?
Matt Lessinger and Nolan Dalla attempted to answer these questions and more in the latest edition of “An Intelligent Conversation.”
This unscripted conversation was recorded on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020 and runs about 90 minutes.


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2020 NFL: Week #7



I suffered a really bad week last time out, so made some adjustments in the written report.  I also skipped the video, which has been a regular feature.  I need a breather.  Instead of write-ups on each game, I am focusing instead on an aspect of betting where my results have been more successful.  That’s first quarters, first halves, and team totals.  Those options will be the basis of all my wagers for Week #7.




Wins — Losses — Pushes     31 — 34 — 2

Starting Bankroll:     $10,000.

Current Bankroll:     $8,805.

Best Bets:     3 — 3 — 0 (- $150.)

Last Week’s Results:     – $2,105.



NOTE:  Just in case there’s any doubt I’m betting these plays, I’m also attaching my wagering screen shot.





CLE OVER 13.5 (FIRST HALF) — Risking 625 to win 500 (BEST BET)

CLE OVER 27.5 TEAM TOTAL FOR GAME — Risking 360 to win 300

CAR OVER 9,5 (FIRST HALF) — Risking 425 to win 300

SFO OVER 9.5 (FIRST HALF) — Risking 420 to win 300

DEN OVER 9.5 (FIRST HALF) — Risking 315 to win 300

JAX OVER 7.5 (FIRST HALF — Risking 405 to win 300

JAX +4 (FIRST HALF) — Risking 309 to win 300

JAX/LAC OVER 9.5 (FIRST QUARTER) — Risking 375 to win 300

CHI OVER 9.5 (FIRST HALF) — Risking 345 to win 300

CHI +3.5 (FIRST HALF) — Risking 339 to win 300

KC OVER 26.5 TEAM TOTAL FOR GAME — Risking 345 to win 300

KC/DEN OVER 9.5 (FIRST QUARTER) — Risking 315 to win 300

TEN + .5 (FIRST HALF) — Risking 432 to win 300

DET + .5 (FIST HALF) — Risking 363 to win 300

GB + 13.5 (IRST HALF) — Risking 490 to win 300

DAL/WAS OVER 9.5 (FIRST QUARTER) — Risking 315 to win 300

BUF/NYJ OVER 9.5 (FIRST QUARTER) — Risking 345 to win 300

SFO/NWE OVER 7.5 (FIRST QUARTER) — Risking 360 to win 300



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Sick of Politics? Yeah, Me Too



Everywhere you look on social media — everyone and everything is political.

Trump tweets. Pro-Trump posts. Conspiracy theories. Mindless memes. Vicious attacks on Trump. Links to politically-charged news articles. YouTube clips. Graphs with stats on everything from the economy to COVID. The common thread on most of what’s happening is unmistakable. It’s Trump. It’s all Trump, all the time.

Then, there are discussions and debates — screaming matches, actually. Acquaintances, friends, and even family members have yelled ourselves hoarse at each other in comments and replies, especially here on Facebook. Civil exchanges gradually break down. We get frustrated. Unable to take it anymore, we lash out. We post mean things, even vulgarities. And so, many lifelong relationships have been severed. Friendships have ended. Even parents and children and brothers and sisters stop talking in some cases. Lots of cases. Probably millions of cases.

This isn’t normal.

If you somehow remain undecided about this election and don’t know much about the issues, are confused by the major parties, and perhaps don’t like either of the candidates atop the ticket, let me try and make a very simple appeal to you that hopefully, you might understand. My appeal is as follows:

We can’t take four…..more…..years…..of THIS. We just can’t. So, let’s end it. Let’s end it on Nov. 3rd. Vote to end it.

You say that you’re sick of the political discussions and the arguing and the yelling and the tiresome rants and fog of partisan disinformation. Psst — let me tell you a little secret. Listen carefully….

So are we.

We’re sick of it. We’re sick of it all.

We’re especially exhausted by the petty theatrics, almost entirely created by one hopelessly insecure man craving constant attention.  Such theatrics have become, in a word, tiresome.

Instead, we want to wake up on a beautiful morning and not have to worry about the next big scandal that will dominate the news cycle. We want to watch the news and not hear “President Trump” in every sentence. We long for the time when our lives were filled with discussions and social media exchanges about food and music and shows and sporting events and cats and kids and vacations and all the things we love to exchange and share with family, friends, and strangers. We want to slam the OFF button on politics, at least for a time, and get back to the things that make our lives worth living, and that’s not Russian collusion or Hunter’s laptop or Trump’s latest Tweet target.

Let’s end this and end it now!

When I vote Joe Biden, it’s not because I think he can or will save the country. The problems, the divisions, the ignorance, the corruption, and greed, the selfishness, the deception…’s all so overwhelming that one man, one party, one election can’t possibly mop up the mess. The floor isn’t just dirty. The house is on fire. It will take more than Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or a Democratic Senate to fix our aches and pains and illnesses.

But I do know Biden will restore some sense of *normality* in daily life. We will be able to go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning without worrying about what absurdity gets tweeted from the White House toilet at 5 am. Rather, we will get a breath of fresh air, a reprieve from the madness, a sliver of order from the disorder, and an opportunity to get back to those things we enjoy.

You are sick of politics? Yeah, me too.

Voting for Donald Trump in 2020 GUARANTEES that the political wars will continue. And, they may even escalate into ugliness we’ve rarely seen in this country. Voting for Donald Trump in 2020 means social media becomes even more toxic. Our public space won’t merely be crowded out by politics and arguments. It will be a monsoon. A flood.

Voting for Joe Biden in 2020 does not mean politics ends. But the volume will return to a normal decibel level. It means some measure of sanity and compromise. With Joe Biden, we won’t have to worry about raw dogging porn stars and payoffs, the president’s golf addiction, daily insults of world leaders, obsession with ratings and polls, and faux patriotism and faith wrapped in the flag and the Bible. Some people might call this “boring.” I call it normal.

Let’s vote for normal in 2020. Let’s save the country. Let’s save our sanity. Let’s save our friendships.  Let’s save our families.  Let’s save ourselves.


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My New Song, “Trump People” [Video]


Nolan Dalla Song "Trump People"


I took Randy Newman’s wonderfully catchy “Short People” off his 1977 album ‘Little Criminals’ and had some fun adding my own lyrics. Recorded as a rough cut with no rehearsal on Oct. 19, 2020.




Trump people got….no reason
Trump people got….no reason
Trump people got….no reason ……….or rhyme.

They got little brains
Tiny little minds
They walk around tellin’ great big lies.
They wave big blue flags
They’re off-a their meds
and red MAGA hats atop their deplorable little heads.

Well, I ….. don’t want no Trump people, no….
Don’t want no Trump people, no, no….
Don’t want no Trump people ‘…..round here!

(I had a dream)
Trump people are just the same — as you and I
(That’s what they say)
We’re all brothers and sisters until we die
(Yeah, but we’ll lead the way)

Trump people got……no vision
Trump people have…no wisdom
Trump people, lookin’ for someone to blame.

They post Russian memes
They hit so low
They think Hunter’s sinkin’
Corn pop Joe.

American government….its “deep state, deep”
Everyone a-around, it’s… “sheep! sheep! sheep!”
Obama’s a Commie
and masks are dumb
They blame ANTIFA
so gonna grab their guns.

Well, I …. don’t want no short-minded people!
Don’t want no Trump people!
Don’t want no Trump people ’round here!


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