Nolan Dalla

Every Picture Tells a Story: Constanta, Romania / Black Sea Coast (1990)




Today’s photo was taken 33 years ago. It’s special to me, for several reasons. First, this was the first weekend vacation Marieta and I ever took together and was way before we were married. We drove from Bucharest to Constanta, Romania on the Black Sea Coast.

It was supposed to be hot that time of year, but the weather was miserable. It never got above the 50s and rained all weekend. So, we had to stay in the hotel (that was actually kinda’ a lucky break for me, but I won’t go into details). One afternoon, we visited the beach but it was still way too cold to swim.

Constanta is Romania’s only major port. Most of the resorts are south of there, stretching all the way to the Bulgarian border. If you were to look behind me and travel those waters another 150 miles or so, you’d be in Odessa, Ukraine (while living in Romania, I never did visit there).

Gee, I’d love to be this age (and weight) again!


Note: We held a garage sale recently and I’m going through lots of old stuff, including photographs which I’ll be sharing in the coming days and weeks. My philosophy is — a photo does no good tucked in an album or stored in a box. A great photo should be shared, especially when it tells a story.  This is Day 2 of the series.

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