Nolan Dalla

A Small Step in the Right Direction for Better Health Care



This might not seem like a big deal but it’s great news.

LOCAL NEWS:  UNLV graduates 55 in second-ever class from School of Medicine

There is a PUBLIC HEALTH crisis in America right now. Part of the problem is the lack of qualified medical people in many fields. It’s laughable to listen to imbeciles claim the United States has the “best health care system in the world” when this nation ranks embarrassingly LOW on so many metrics. It’s fucking shameful. If you spew this idiocy, then please just stop. Leave. You have NO fucking clue what you’re talking about.

Disclaimer: I have just spent 25 of the past 30 days inside emergency rooms and hospitals dealing with a family issue, so I’ve made a few observations.

Here in Nevada, many medical facilities simply cannot keep up with the needs of the population. I keep hearing allegations from the radical Right about so-called long waiting times where universal health care is a basic human right. Well, try to make an appointment with a cardiologist right now in Las Vegas. You’ll be lucky to get booked by the fall. Profit-driven medicine is a failure and a disgrace. It’s failed. It’s fucked people over. It’s costs lives.

Part of the monopolistic stranglehold on America’s health care by insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and giant health management firms is LIMITING the number of qualified professionals. Nevada was the fastest-growing state in America for 25 years. Want to know how many MEDICAL SCHOOLS were in this entire state up until a few years ago? ONE. Now, there’s TWO. Two medical schools to serve the ENTIRE state. Both are government-run (UNR and UNLV). Gee thanks, private sector — for nothing.

No wonder so many doctors come from other nations and basically, the entire nursing staff of any large hospital is from The Philipines. I’ve seen this first hand.

The horrors of profit-driven medicine (capitalism) is that the powerful want to destroy (or limit) the competition. Scarcity creates higher profits. It also creates long waiting times and mass suffering.

UNLV graduating the second yearly class of medical students, albeit small, is a big step in the right direction. Now, it’s time to open the market to more people, build more schools, and educate more doctors and nurses. This is especially true in rural areas since profit-driven companies are SHUTTING DOWN medical facilities in many parts of the country because they can make more money with the limited staff elsewhere.

Government should take the initiative and lead on health care. Left to the cutthroat insurance companies and the so-called free market, everyone suffers.

FOOTNOTE: Medical education should be free in exchange for community service (sort of like how the military entices enlistment…..serve 4 years and then get free education). Proposal–Anyone who wants to become a doctor or nurse gets free college at any state institution in exchange for working in native areas, rural communities, or the inner city for X years — where professionals are desperately needed. But hey, this is SOCIALISM, right? (Note: Hooray for Socialism!)
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