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Posted by on Jul 16, 2021 in Blog | 0 comments

You did not know these stories about gambling

What Al Pacino says as Walter Abrams in the Two for the Money seems to explain why people are so drawn towards gambling. He believes that the best drug in the world is not that gives you the high; it is the moment before you take it. Similarly, the greatest high in the world is the time when dice start to roll until they stop.

Call it a high, hunch or luck. These gambling stories from around the world have more compelling and vivid narratives than any other fictional story. Whether it is about winning a jackpot at slot online terpercaya, robberies at gambling, involvement of celebrities, or a nobody whose luck shone, betting behaviours gives us a deep insight into the human condition. You may not gamble, but you can feel the adventure that unfolds in these stories.


A Grandfather Placed a Bet on a Toddler

You can place your bets on anything in the UK. Harry Wilson was 18 months old when his grandfather placed a bet on him. Peter Edwards, his grandfather, place a bet on Harry for 25,00 to 1 odds that he would become a member of the Wales National Football Team.

Harry became the youngest player, at 16 years, to represent Wales in Football in the autumn of 2013. He became a youth icon of Wales, and Peter won £125,000. Harry has played for coveted international teams like Liverpool and Hull City. No one could have imagined that his grandfather could have earned so much money from betting just £50.

Aducci placed a bet of his lifetime on Woods

James Aducci was a day-trader living in a mortgaged house with two student and car loans. His father was 82 with complicated health issues. He placed everything he had on the god of golf Tiger Woods in 2019. He flew from Wisconsin to Las Vegas, holding $85,000 cash in a backpack looking around for a casino that would accept his bet. Moreover, he had never placed any sports bet or gambled. He played it all for something very improbable. Eventually, SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino accepted his wager, and he won a whopping 1.2 million, the largest individual payout in the history of future sports bets.

Diamonds are Forever

Sean Connery was a heartthrob in the sixties, and he still is. James bond in Diamonds are Forever places bet on number 17 and wins. The same was tried by Connery in an Italian casino. He walked into the casino to try his luck on the roulette wheel. He lost terribly on the first two bets, but he didn’t accept the defeat.

He tried for the third time. In 35 to 1 odds, he again placed his bet on number 17. He hit the number 17 three times in a row and amassed 17 million Italian Lire. The Bond number 17 became the most commonly placed bet on roulette.

Double or Nothing

A reality show, Double or Anything, witnessed a player that practical people would say acted out of the mind. Ashley Ravell sold everything he owned in Britain, even his clothes and shoes, to raise $135,000. He played everything on red in a game of Roulette at The Hotel Plaza’s Casino while the whole world and his family watched. I still wonder how his family would have let him take this kind of risk. But he won over $270,000 and started his own gambling house. What a dramatic turn of events.


William Lee Bergstrom: The Greatest Gambler of the History

He was not a habitual gambler. But his three stints at casinos made him the greatest gambler of all times. In his first chance of winning, he brought $777,000 in a suitcase and placed everything on craps. The dice were rolled, and he managed to shot a 7. The casino, as a promotion tactic, promised to bet the same amount the player was betting. He won $777,000 and filled everything in a suitcase, and left.

Three years later, he reappeared to gamble with $500,000. His luck was strong, and he won again. His winning streak came to a halt when he decided to play for his dream to bet $1 million on gambling. So, in 1984, Bergstrom tried his luck for the third time, but this time he hit bottom really hard. He lost it all. After a few days, he committed suicide. Still, he is remembered as the greatest gambler of Vegas.

Whether you like gambling or not, but it has given the world many anecdotes to muse upon. It is worth taking a risk once in a while, but fun should never become an obsession. As a saying in Norway holds that luck is never owned but loaned.

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