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Posted by on May 5, 2022 in Blog, Essays, Politics, What's Left | 0 comments

You Can’t Be “Pro-Free Market” and then Beg the Government to “Do Something”



Please just stop with this blaming Biden and the Democrats for inflation once and for all.

This is on one thing — THE FREE MARKET.

News Alert: 81 percent of the population are total fucking morons.

The irony of this mass discontent is that the basis of anger comes from the crass capitalist class, the pro-free market slingers, the liberatrian-leaning wackos, and the pro-small government wingnuts.

They ALL espouse GOVERNMENT DOING NOTHING and LETTING BUSINESS BE BUSINESS (to borrow Calvin Coolidge’s toxic economic philosophy that led to the Great Depression). Keep the government out of the market, they chirp.

But now, with inflation inevitably rising, suddenly they want the government to DO SOMETHING.


Run that by me again?

You can’t have it both ways, you morons. Either you let “market forces” dictate pricing (see the disaster that causes on a mass scale) or you create some *balance* with the government overseeing what would inevitably be excesses — and ruin.

Fact: Trump’s disastrous tax cuts for the super-wealthy and corporations (which failed to “trickle down”), stimulus money sent out during the pandemic (which was probably painful medicine, but absolutely necessary to keep the economy moving during the shutdown), and unfathomable corporate greed and record profits (oil companies are doing just fine, folks!) created a predictable landscape where inflation was inevitable. It wouldn’t matter if Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, or Mickey Mouse was elected in 2020, HIGHER INFLATION WAS INEVITABLE. it wouldn’t matter. I don’t see a single reputable economist who disagrees with this.

And, let me add one more factor, that’s actually a positive. Wages are up, due to several factors. The working class has been ass fucked by the pro-corporate free-market system for many decades and is now as mad as hell and they aren’t taking it anymore. Most people will not work for $7.25 an hour. They’ve announced, FUCK THAT.

Good for them.

I have no issue with some reasonable uptick in inflation caused by PAYING HARD-WORKING PEOPLE WHAT THEY ARE WORTH. Yes, prices will rise. But we are better off as a society when a day’s work makes it possible for a person to pay their bills, their rent, and eat. And anyone who believes otherwise is cruel and selfish. You driving your Hummer expecting to get served by struggling people getting paid close to minimum wage while paying your illegal alien to weed your garden is hardly a display of patriotism.

What’s ironic about all this is — the federal minimum wage hasn’t changed in over a decade. FREE MARKET economics created the current work environment and the numbers we’re seeing (high inflation, but RECORD employment). Employment rates are the highest in history because (more) people are now being paid what they’re worth, though we still have a long way to go to reform the inequitable system.

The bottom line is — conservatives can’t have it BOTH ways. Pick a side, you ass clowns. The false mantra that crashed the economy in 2008, created a terrible depression in 1929, and passed preposterous deficit-exploding federal deficits can’t flip on a dime and now beg the government to “DO SOMETHING.”

The 81 percent of imbecilic respondents in this national poll can’t have it both ways. Either you want free markets to determine prices (conservatives), or you want some balance and fairness when it comes to opportunity and purchasing power (liberals).

Now, stop with this blaming Biden and the Democrats for inflation once and for all. This is on one thing — THE FREE MARKET.

What a disgrace so many lies are believed by so many gullible fools.

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