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Posted by on Nov 9, 2018 in Blog, Politics | 0 comments

Yes, Trump Has a Problem



Yes, President Trump has a problem.

….with Black people.

….and with women.

That means, we have a problem.  Now, he’s now our problem.

Trump’s slapdown of Abby Phillips is the latest tirade of a deeply-disturbed President who has serious problems with Blacks and women.


The evidence of Trump’s undeniable discomfort with minorities and women has become so voluminous as to be overwhelming.  This discomfort is nothing new.  It’s in his dirty DNA and his bigoted blood type — a rich White overprivileged frat brat who inherited vast wealth from his racist father, shamelessly flaunts his “success” at every opportunity, craves constant attention, and feels threatened when he’s around people who are different, and downright defensive when those people who are different don’t display the customary fawning adoration he’s become accustomed to while being surrounded by sycophants, virtually all of whom (as we learn once they depart) privately detest him.

Trump’s defenders might cite his relationships with rich and powerful Black people, including some women, over the course of his long career in public life.  But all of those photo ops were staged for Trump’s self-grandiosity.  No one ever relished hanging out with Trump.  To count the number of close friends and confidants who are Black or women isn’t merely small, it’s non-existent.  As in zero.  Sorry, but paling around with rappers and sports stars at glitzy celeb-infested preening parades doesn’t prove any understanding nor affinity with what millions of minorities and women endure daily.  Omarosa doesn’t count, either.  Besides, she too threw him under the bus after her short stint in the White House.

The evidence is staggering.  Had it not been for America’s misplaced outrage at career politicians and conventional governance, mixed in with a bit of boredom-killing whimsy, someone as appalling at Donald Trump would never have been on anyone’s presidential ballot.  He’s called African nations “shithole” countries.  Michael Cohen, his own fixer-lawyer confessed Trump frequently disparaged Blacks and minority neighborhoods.  His blistering attacks on a disproportionate number of Black people — the Central Park 5 (who were proven innocent), Lebron James, Don Lemon, Maxine Waters, April Ryan, NFL-player protesters, Colin Kaepernick — and his favorite target, the falsely accused as “foreign-born” former President Barack Obama.  Most interesting, when Trump has used an inflammatory charge of “low intelligence,” he’s always referred to Blacks (or women).

Mere coincidence?

But hey, when you’re famous and supposedly rich (who knows — since Trump hides his tax returns), overt racism and even boastful misogyny get stamped as refreshing originality.  Telling it like it is.  Just “Trump being Trump,” whatever the fuck that axiom means, as though constantly and unfailingly bashing people of color and powerful women is the normal and lighthearted fare for mass amusement.

The latest in an endless barrage of unprovoked wars with minorities and women took place earlier today when the President willingly rushed into his usual press gaggle, which he seems to enjoy.  Before boarding the presidential helicopter, Trump took a few questions.  One, spoken in a soft voice, which lasted no more than a few seconds, noticeably irritated Trump, so much so, that he lashed out at the reporter and then stormed away.

“Do you want [acting AG Matthew Whitaker] to rein in Robert Mueller?” Phillip asked.

Sounds like a reasonable question.  Short.  To the point.  Certainly timely.  And important.  It’s important to know if Trump plans to use Whitaker as his pawn at the Department of Justice.

“What a stupid question that is,” Trump responded. “What a stupid question.”

This would be bad enough.  But listen to what he snapped next.  Unable to constrain himself, Trump then went after the messenger.

“But I watch you a lot,” the president continued. “You ask a lot of stupid questions.”

Umm.  No, she doesn’t.

Watch the tense exchange here:

FACT:  Abby Phillip is a hard-working, dedicated journalist who happens to work for CNN, a network the President despises.  Based on my knowledge of her work,  she’s always been respectful to those she interviews.  She might even be considered a bit mild-mannered for what’s traditionally been a very demanding job — that of a White House correspondent.  Phillip has never impressed me, nor anyone, like the next Helen Thomas, or Dan Rather, or Sam Donaldson — polarizing figures who often did ask very pointed questions of former Presidents (but were never treated poorly, nor maligned, nor personally attacked).  Even Richard Nixon, for all his vile misdeeds, never came anywhere close to this level of disgust.

Read more about Abby Phillip HERE.


This isn’t shocking.  Not anymore.  It’s to be expected from a deeply-disturbed, overtly racist, faux reality-TV star-turned-politician with a horrifying grapple on national and world power.

It’s also a pattern:


Yes, it’s a pattern:


Abby Phillip is a bold checkmark on two of Donald Trump’s hate boxes.  She’s Black.  She’s a woman.  One might even add a third box — political and business adversaries who are strong-minded and stand up for themselves.  A strong Black woman is Trump’s worst nightmare.  Abby Phillip is Trump’s target trifecta.

Yes, President Trump has a problem.  This means we have a problem  We have a big problem.  That is if you value civility and decency.

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