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The story on today’s wine selection (actually opened yesterday) bears sharing.

How does one present an encore to a stellar $100 bottle consumed on the previous day? After test driving a Maserati, is it really fair to get behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta?

After gushing over the Tuscan AREGENTIERA, I decided to jolt my wine senses and jump to an outlier. And that outlier is called PAXIS, from Portugal.

I picked up this little pearl from Costco. The in-store label had a rating of 90 from Wine Advocate, and it cost $7. When I saw this wine was from Portugal, I was intrigued. Other than some Ports (which I enjoy but have never taken a class about, yet — a gross void in my wine knowledge), I don’t have much experience with producers from Portgual, unless Lancers Rose counts, and then one can call me an “expert.”

PAXIS RED BLEND comes from the Lisboa region of Portugal. It’s a blend of 34pct. Touriga Nacional, 33pct. Touriga Franca and 33pct. Tinta Roriz. Those are grapes I’ve not tried before (probably many readers have never heard of them), so this was definitely worthy of an “experimental purchase.”

I would call my first impression a mix of pleasant confusion. Alc. content is only 12.5 pct, but it tasted like a fruit bomb. Very fruity. Almost too sweet (for me). Some people not used to wines, and those who don’t like bone dry wines (which I enjoy) are advised to try a PAXIS, which is totally the opposite side of the fruit scale. In short, this wasn’t to my taste and I did not finish the bottle. But I can see why it can be quite popular in a casual setting with non-wine drinkers. Nothing wrong with it, but I won’t be buying it again.

One added note (from the Total Wine website):

“The story behind the name of this wine is interesting. One day, Dino Ventura saw children playing a very traditional and physical UK game called Bulldog in school. During the game, he heard children calling out “Paxis!” as a way to express immunity from being caught. He then related the word to “escape from the stress of the world where we could appreciate a great wine” and Paxis “Bulldog” was coined.”

Note the bulldog on the front of the bottle.

Fun wine. Very sweet. Not for my taste, but others might enjoy and the price is certainly affordable.

Grade (100 point scale): 84
Value: (10 point scale): 6
Price: $7
Recommended: (personal) No. / (for some occasions) Yes.

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