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Wine Review: Gundlach Bundschu Gewürztraminer



Let’s kick off the weekend with this little lovely from Sonoma. Any objections?

Sorry, too late.

I’m passionate about Gewurtztraminers. Trouble is, they are fastidious. Gewurztraminer is very “hit or miss.” When you find a good Gewurtz, it’s great. When you get hit with a bad one, it’s awful.

For me, there are two gold standards with Gewurtztraminer. Yes, I’ve written about this before. It’s Hugel and Trimbach, both from Alsace in France. Alsace is often called the “Germany of France,” with good reason. These wines drink very differently from other Franco regions. But they are far more robust than Rhein wines (which frankly, don’t interest me).

Oh, but wait!

Today’s star is from…..California!


<insert sound of a rap artist scratching a record here>

Gundlach Bundschu Gewürztraminer sounds very German, And, it kinda’ is. The grapes were brought over to Sonoma from Germany by the owner producer, Jacob Gundlach.

Two quick points: I have not tried many California Gewurtztraminers, so this was a necessary addition to my vintner files. And, I (don’t think) I’ve ever tried a Gerwurtz labeled as “DRY.” The bottle spoke out: “Buy me.”

So, I did.

At Costco, this wine is priced at $18. The many cheap Gewurtztaminers, most from Washington State and Oregon are decent and drinkable for the money. But there’s no comparison to their Alsatian parents. I remain convinced the $30 price point for Hugel and Trimbach is well worth it, though it’s fun to explore new territory.

I enjoyed the Gundlach Bundschu Gewürztraminer. It was less intense than comparative varietals. I presume it’s better quality than products like St. Michelle from Washington, which is probably the best-selling Gewürztraminer in the United States. But I can’t justify its price point.

I enjoyed this wine. I thought it was different. I agree that it’s worth trying. But I won’t buy it again.

Yes, I do intend to finish this bottle. Now, let the weekend begin!

Wine Score: Gundlach Bundschu Gewürztraminer

Drinkability — 7
Uniqueness — 6
Value — 2
Recommended: Yes, to try once but it’s nothing special.

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