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Wine Review: Campo Viejo Rose (Spain)



Wine Review: Campo Viejo Rose (Spain)


This is a lovely rose from the heart of the Rioja region in Spain. It’s an ideal accompaniment for a warm afternoon. Perfect for any social occasion or just to kick back and enjoy as a daily staple, it’s sure to please even finicky non-wine drinkers.

Smooth and elegant, I tried my first bottle today and was very pleasantly surprised by its lush flavors and complexity.

Full Disclosure — I’m not fond of most of Campo Viejo’s other wines (which tend to be red blends). So, this discovery was a shocker. It tempted me because I’d never tried any Spanish rose wines before, and really wanted to explore some new territory. Priced at $12 it hit a sweet spot for value and satisfied a curiosity. Now, I’m eager to try more Spanish roses, if and when I can find them.

Tasting Notes: “Pale in color, but vibrant in taste, Campo Viejo Rose expresses the lovely aromas of cherry, citrus, strawberries, and rose petals.”

Rioja is located in the northern part of Spain, near the Basque region. Its wine origins date back to Roman times. Rioja has been a major wine producer for more than a century and has really come into its own for distinct characteristics since 1970 when stricter regulations and government controls boosted the international reputations of Spanish wines. Now, they compete with any of the products from France or California. And this rose ranks right up there, tasting every bit as delicious as varietals from Rhone at a similar price point, which are now so popular, especially in the EU.

The Campo Viejo Rose dancing my glass right now may have been my first. But it certainly won’t be my last.

Grade (100 point scale): 91
Value: (10 point scale): 7
Price: $12
Recommended: Yes (especially during warmer weather)

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