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Posted by on Dec 13, 2021 in Blog, Las Vegas, Politics, Travel | 0 comments

Why Not Just Name it, “Moe Greene International Airport?”




The Las Vegas Airport is changing its name. It all becomes official today.

Grab me a barf bag.




I won’t defend the old airport name, a despicably hasty decision made 73 years ago to honor the late curmudgeon Sen. Pat McCarran, a raging anti-Semite, and a union-busting staunch-conservative who opposed virtually every cornerstone of FDR’s New Deal. The old name should have been acid-washed off the airport signs many decades ago. McCarran’s toxic name, his political views, and his “legacy” are either better forgotten entirely or suited for a garbage dump.

The trouble is, the new name stinks equally as bad. And man, that’s REALLY saying something. It’s divisive. It’s pointless. It’s undeserved. It’s ridiculous. It’s asinine. And, except for a few foot-soldier party hacks weaseled deep into Nevada’s motley political quilt (a payoff, no doubt), no locals enthusiastically support this. Quick, name one Las Vegan who takes any pride in being associated with the name “Harry Reid.” Naming this city’s major gateway to the world after a retired and often incompetent political leader was an atrocious decision.

Consider this.  When one looks at other international airports around the United States, what do we see? Honorees include John F. Kennedy. Ronald Reagan. John Wayne. Louis Armstrong. George Bush Sr. So, who does the so-called “Entertainment Capital of the World” name the airport after?

Dirty Harry. Or better yet, given Las Vegas’ seedy roots let’s just call it “Moe Greene International Airport.” Yeah, that’s the ticket. Moe Greene made his bones when Harry Reid was banging cheerleaders.

What’s accomplished by this? Anything? Does ANYONE think of *Harry Reid* when they ponder a visit to Las Vegas? Is the failed former Senate Majority Leader, the architect who bungled a 59-41 majority while he was in control (Gasp! 59-41!) REALLY the radiant face, the glowing image, the famous name, and the fond memory we want? Does Dirty Harry Reid deserve such an honor?

Hell NO.

Fact:  Sen. Harry Reid was no progressive. He was a thoroughly corrupt machine politician who did virtually *nothing* for this state or its citizens. Take a look around. When he retired 5 years ago, just about everyone who’s anyone in Nevada connected in any way to politics or media spouted praise for Reid, the unbearable exiting senator who somehow managed to transmute himself into the great imposter who impersonated the face of American liberalism but was anything but a Leftist or a progressive in any way. Newspaper op-eds, mayors, governors, congressmen, his fellow senators — and most sickening of all, media — continue to toss bogus confetti, applauding his so-called “leadership” while very likely quietly whispering to themselves, thank goodness that loathsome son-of-a-bitch is finally leaving office.”

Partisan politics aside, I also think it’s really bad public policy to name a famous international hub after someone who is despised by at least half the citizens in the state. Name a power station after him, since that’s ALL Reid ever cared about. Or maybe a sewage treatment plant, since he was a chronic liar who played every side of every issue to shakedown every side on the donation merry-go-round. But DO NOT name the biggest transport hub in the state of Nevada after someone so divisive, incompetent, and corrupt.

Of course, it’s all too late now. The re-naming is a done deal. Perhaps in 73 more years, if it’s still here, Las Vegas will give Harry Reid International Airport the Pat McCarran treatment.

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