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Posted by on Feb 20, 2021 in Blog, Las Vegas | 1 comment

Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About the West Las Vegas Arsonist?




There’s a serial arsonist burning down buildings on the west side of Las Vegas.  This is plainly obvious to anyone who’s paying attention.


Why isn’t anybody talking about this?  Why isn’t our local news media reporting on these blatantly obvious criminal acts which are very likely to recur until the perpetrator finally gets caught?  Is anyone out there doing their jobs?  Consider these two fires in the past three weeks:

Fire #1: 

On January 19th, a massive apartment complex under construction near the corner of Fort Apache and Tropicana was torched.  See the photo above which was taken a few days later.  The construction project, about halfway completed at the time of the blaze, was completely incinerated in a spectacular fire that took three fire stations to bring fully under control.  An entire city block consisting of 206 new apartment units about to go onto the rental market was engulfed in flames.  The damage was estimated at $35 million.  The heat from the fire was so intense the plastic pipes buried underground melted.

I happened to be at the site today, now circled with a chain-link fence, which seems like an obvious case of too little, too late.  I mean, what’s left to steal?  Burned embers and melted PVC pipe?  A bored-looking security guard, one of two patrols now working 12-hour shifts, stood out in the parking lot seemingly indifferent to the heaps of blackened rubble.  Aside from the question as to why any security is needed now that the apartment complex is a fucking ash heap (go figure), I asked the guard about the fire and subsequent investigation.  Has a cause had been determined yet, which seemed like an obvious crime of arson?  He shrugged and stated no arrests have been made.


Fire #2: 

Three weeks later on February 13th, another fire burned out of control, this time much closer to home.  A construction project at the corner of Durango and Spring Mountain, mostly new two-story homes were set ablaze and burned.  The damage came to over $400,000.  The flames were so close to my home that I watched the fire trucks hooking up to hydrants and smelled the smoke.

After that second fire with so many similarities to the first episode, I surveyed the local news expecting someone to a link established between the two fires.  Instead, the second fire was treated as though nothing had previously happened.  If you double this, here are some links to news stories, woefully short on details.  None of the news articles or reports even mentioned that a far more destructive fire occurred only 22 days earlier.

8 News Now


FOX5 News




To date, no newspaper article, nor television news station, nor independent new source has even mentioned the two fires in the same report.  Even locals on neighborhood social media groups and apps haven’t connected the dots yet.  Hello?  Is anyone doing their jobs?  Gee, has anyone figured out there might be a link?

I’ve lived in Las Vegas for 20 years.  The number of major fires I’ve witnessed on the west side of the city in that entire span has been — two.  They happened three weeks apart and they both involved construction sites.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and wildly speculate on something.

  1.  These two fires are linked.
  2. The two fires were deliberately set by the same person.
  3. That means, there’s an arsonist among us, and he’s/she’s likely to strike again.


The local media won’t report it, but I just did.

Addendum:  While researching this article, an ad for a criminal defense attorney specializing in “arson” (who knew there was such a thing) popped up on my feed.  The ad claims “(we) can explain your rights, represent you in court, and work to lower your sentence or have the case for arson dismissed entirely to avoid having felony charges on your record in the future.”

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