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Posted by on Jan 12, 2021 in Blog, Essays | 0 comments

Why GoGoPDF Might Be the Best Converter Tool for You


A quick Google search will probably give you hundreds of PDF converter tools. How do you know that you have selected the best from the hundreds and hundreds of these tools? What features do they offer? Is it free? These are the common questions you may ask yourself whenever you find a tool, right? But what if we give you a certain PDF converter tool that will change your mind?

PDF files are very convenient to use, and since it can’t be altered or tampered with in any way without leaving a digital footprint because of its “read-only,” you would certainly need a PDF converter, right? Something that will save you from a lot of stress and something that does not require you to transfer from one platform to another or even download anything.

What we’re talking about is GoGoPDF. In this article, we will give you some of the amazing features that GoGoPDF offers. These features will convince you why you should choose GoGoPDF as your next go-to converter tool next time.



If you are searching for the quickest and most convenient way of converting your files, then GoGoPDF is what you are looking for. It is a PDF converter that offers more than 20 tools to edit, protect, create, and scan your PDF files in record time. It is also a very reliable PDF converter tool that offers wide file formats such as HTML, Excel, PPT, JPG, and Word.

With GoGoPDF, editing, and managing your PDF files has never been easier. As we step closer to becoming paperless, it is only rational that we know a PDF converter tool that can help us anytime and anywhere we are, right? With that in mind, GoGoPDF is the answer to this predicament. 


Safety and Security

What a user looks for in a PDF converter tool is safety and security. Something that can assure them that their files are safe and protected while in their system. GoGoPDF guarantees to all of its users, both new and old, that your files are well protected, and you don’t have to panic whether they are in capable hands. 

We guess it’s safe to say that all of us don’t want our files being compromised, right? We don’t want any sensitive information in our files, our credit card number, or even our social security card numbers known by a stranger, or even worse, a cybercriminal. With this in mind, GoGoPDF has installed a Secure Socket Layer or an SSL Encryption Technology to ensure the safety and security of everything you upload in their system.

If you want to know more, GoGoPDF has included their Company Privacy Policy on their website, and they assure you that there’s nothing for you to worry about. There’s no need for you to use an incognito browser or VPN. Everything you upload is exclusive to your eyes only.


Available Platforms

Security is one thing, but usability is another. Fortunately for us, GoGoPDF has managed to combine the two. Whenever you access GoGoPDF, you can do this with any operating system, device, or web browser that you have. There’s no need for you to access their services from a different device other than your own. It does not matter if you are using Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, or Mac.


Customer Service Response Team

This is probably the best feature that GoGoPDF offers: an extremely responsive customer service team that will cater to all your issues and problems whenever you use their services. On top of that, they are open to customer feedback as they are dedicated to improving and enhancing their services to serve you better.

Whenever you have problems navigating their website or encountering some difficulty using their tools, their customer service team is more than happy to help you complete your tasks. This is one feature that you can only find on a small number of PDF converter tools on the internet, making GoGoPDF much more superior to others.


Pro Accounts

While it’s true that GoGoPDF is free for anyone who wishes to access their services, however, they also offer a Pro account that can help you even further. With a GoGoPDF Pro account, your experience on the platform is much faster and quicker since you can simultaneously convert multiple files. It gets rid of all the annoying non-skippable videos and pop-up ads.

You get to enjoy GoGo PDFs priority assistance with the customer service team and unlimited storage for all your files. GoGoPDF offers a 14-day trial to let you know how amazing it is to use its services without limitations.


Easy Sharing of Files

Another amazing feature that you get to enjoy with GoGoPDF is their unique mechanism whenever you share files. Rather than downloading them directly into your local storage, you’ll get the option to share them with other people such as your colleagues, friends, or family using a link you can share through your social media accounts or email. 

Even though the shareable link has an expiration time, it wouldn’t hurt you to request another one. Additionally, you will also get the option to save your files in your cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox to save up space on your devices.



All in all, we guess it’s safe to say that GoGoPDF is on another level and is the most convenient way of managing your PDF files. It’s like they are spoon-feeding everything to you, and all you have to do is just a few little clicks on your device.


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