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Posted by on Aug 25, 2014 in Blog, General Poker, Talking Points, Video 1 | 2 comments

Video: My Reply to Robbie Strazynski (Politics at the Poker Table)




I promised readers a passionate video montage, taking the opposite side of the current censorship debate about whether or not politics has any place at the poker table.

I say “yes.”

Israeli poker writer Robbie Straznski says “no.” 


Here’s the raw footage of my 38-minute reply to PokerStars’ misguided decision to ban all political expression in their tournaments.  In this clip, my response is unrehearsed and often comes across as disjointed.  Rambling.  Less than stellar.  Certainly not my best video.  I would have junked it if I didn’t promise delivery.  Borrowing an album title from Van Morrison, here’s my “Inarticulate Speech of the Heart.”

But I did agree to post one final summation of my viewpoint in front of the camera, and so here it is.

Run time — approximately 38 minutes.  Apologies for butchering Robbie’s name in the opening segment.  I also get interrupted a few times by overhead aircraft noise and my 13-year-old tabby, Alex, who makes a reluctant appearance on camera.


  1. Of course debate should be allowed. The only people who want to stifle debate are the people trying to secretly commit atrocities, like Israel. Without debate, how will the long suffering and slaughter of the Gaza people by the terrorist nation of Israel be brought to the world’s attention?

  2. Nolan, thank you for posting the unedited video. So what if it took me more than 18 months to get around to watching your 38-minute YouTube video. Frankly, most vids lose me after 45 seconds.

    The mere fact that you allowed the world to clearly see who you are, is the perfect example of how important free speech is. You engaged me. So much so that I willingly watched your empty rattan rocker go back and forth wondering what you would come back with.

    I always listen to you even when I have a knee jerk.

    You also planted the seed that sincere, unedited video is THE platform we need to take to get poker players to get off their butts and take action. As the Florida State Director of Poker Players Alliance, I’ve been frustrated with lack of action.

    I think our Daily Action Plans have been too complicated. Certainly, easy actions but too many directions.

    My 7-word response to PokerStars: “STOP making bad moves. YOUR ACTION SUCKED.”

    And Nolan, thank you for reminding me to dump my drive for perfection, and just get my book done. Good enough is good enough.

    I’ll embrace one of my own mottos: “Play the cards life deals as if you’ve already win.”

    A Big Girl hug!

    Donna Blevins
    Poker Mindset Coach


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